Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Review: Versatile Terrain Custom Name Plates - Part 2

Now with more knights!  Pictured above is the new name plate for Custos Martis driven by Sir Theobald of House Taranis.  The Versatile Terrain custom name plates worked so well for my Mechanicum kill team that I immediately purchased name plates for all of my knights.  Here is Custos Martis in all its glory.

It's a small touch, but the name plate really completes such a large show piece model, in my opinion.  I'm very pleased with the name plates.  They are resin and paint up well.  Here, I have gone with a base/primer coat of Vallejo surface primer black.  The gold was first painted with Tin Bitz, followed by a dry brush of Vallejo Brass and then a highlights of Vallejo Old Gold.  This was then sealed with Model Masters Lusterless Flat coat before being glued to the base with super glue.

I also added name plates to the completed Warglaives.

Bondsman Theil riding Canis Martis

Bondsman Graxx riding Martis Hastam

I then added a name plate to the Freeblade Verum Imperator, late of House Krast and currently in service to the Inquisition.

The remaining plates have been glued to the based of their knights and await a turn at the painting table.  I have named the pilots and engines of all of the House Taranis knights.  The plates will help me remember and keep all the names straight in any games.  And of course they add polish to already amazing kits. I could see name plates making their way to some of the named characters in my collection, such as Grand Master Voldus, but we'll see.  I might be getting carried away at some point.

Are you planning any name plates after seeing these reviews?  Let me know in the comments.

Next up, I'll get share my progress for DreadTober 2018, week 2.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Hmm, tempting for Knight sized minis and above. I like the Bondsman idea.

  2. Yeah, I hope I'm not making that title up...the title appears on the lexicanum under known knights from House Taranis, and appears to reference a recent White Dwarf battle report (July) so I believe it is a GW initiated title. :) I don't want to go off canon. :P