Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Inquisition and Tempestus Scions...

I couldn't resist adding a few additional Imperial elements to my army.  These units are most certainly NOT from Krieg.  However, when the Imperium goes to war, all factions are active in the theater!  I couldn't resist the Tempestus Scion models.  They have a definite special forces feel that I like.  And the Inquisitions...well, someone has to look after the sanctity of the guard when battling the foul Xenos and of course Chaos itself!

To this end I have added additional worksheet tabs to the army build to reflect the build for these separate factions.  I expect a tab for Imperial Knights to show before long as well...then maybe I'll just go all in and add faction tabs for my Dark Angels and Grey Knight armies as well...we'll see!  As it stands, the Scions are part of the Astra Militarum codex, and the Inquisition is designed as a data slate so they both fit as elements for building an Astra Militarum list.

In other news, the 262nd DKoK hit the field recently against Orks and got bloodied, though the game was close.  It was a 2000pt 7th edition game using the new Orks codex, and the new Astra Militarum codex.  Can I say how disappointed I am that the Army Builder Astra Militarum list does not include the Griffon or the Sabre Defense Platforms!  Ugh...I know the Griffon was dropped from the formal codex, but Forgeworld stuff is supposed to be legal!  Is this because Forgeworld hasn't released 7th edition FAQ, or updates for these units??They are in the new edition Imperial Armour Volume One book after all!!  Anyway...maybe it is a glitch that will get addressed soon...

Regardless, the 262nd was unable to claim enough objectives.  This was a standard game, not Maelstrom of War.  They beat the same army under 6th edition so I guess we're going to need a grudge match!  Would be nice if I played more than a game or two a year...  :)  I'm building a lot these days...and just based a bunch of second daughter is 4months old now and things are getting saner so hopefully I can get some painting going again soon!

Happy Gaming!