Thursday, March 26, 2015

Honored Imperium

Honored Imperium Space Marine Statue Front
This month I took a break from the inquisition and other projects to practice a bit with bronze and verdigris.  The Space Marine Captain statue seemed just the right place to start. A brooding old fool, but I'm quite pleased with how he turned out.  The piece will add some interest and flare the the table top for certain.  I used Vallejo Verdigris Glaze for this project...I'll try the new GW equivalent for another at some point.  The Vallejo glaze was quite thick and I thinned it significantly before going to work.  The model was done almost entirely with air brush, but the verdigris was brushed on, followed by various dry brushing passes with mix of Vallejo rust and bright brass, followed by Vallejo bright brass alone.  The base was done in greys with a final light pass of white.  Prior to dry brushing, the base was washed with various browns and greens.

A final flat coat with the airbrush sealed the deal.

Honored Imperium Space Marine Statue Back
 I think the back shows I need much more practice with verdigris; especially on large, flat areas...

Happy Gaming!