Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dreadtober 2016: Update 4

Photo/Drawing/Logo by Todd @ Sincain40k

My Dreadtober 2016 project is complete!  This week I tweaked the highlights to lighten them strategically where I felt I hadn't done enough to sharpen the highlights and call out the areas catching the most light. This included some additional highlights on the base.  I also decided to add heat effects to the barrels of the lascanon and assault canon as well as the exhaust stacks on the dreadnought's back.  This and some other cleanup complete, I laid down the final coat of flat varnish and chose to call this one DONE.

Following advice from Kenny Boucher over at Next Level Painting, I choose Testors Model Master Lacquer Overcoat Lusterless (Flat). Bell of Lost Souls has a post from him where this is recommended.

Here are some closeups of the heat effects work.  I'm really new with the techniques for this effect, but pleased none-the-less with the results!  My approach was to focus on the darkest discoloration coming from where the heat source originates, lightening as things get farther away and begin to cool (relatively speaking).

 I will close with a final set of project pictures.

 Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dreadtober 2016: Update 3

Photo/Drawing/Logo by Todd @ Sincain40k

Coming through week three, the remaining two weapon options have been completed.  Additional highlights have been applied to the dread and base both. If I were honest, there's a lot of fussing going on as I decide how far to go before calling it done.  The plasma cannon got additional edge highlights. I intentionally chose a more subdued color scheme for the weapons, keeping the cases black instead of the red I am using on the infantry weapons. 

Rotating Deathwatch Venerable Dreadnought

Had fun trying out my new Foldio360 that I acquired through their Kickstarter.

Dread w/assault cannon

Dread w/lascannon

Close-up of the barrel details...a little washed out sadly.

I'm content with where things are at.  I will look at the highlights next week and consider refining them.  The blue-gray edges, for example, are just a single pass.  I could lighten them up on the highest spots, for example. Could also dress up the weapons with heat effects. I'll use the opportunity to make one last pass over the whole model to catch anything I might have missed as well.  I find it's good to step away and come back to catch stuff I'm blind over otherwise.

That's where I'm at for update three.  The fourth and final update will wrap this guy up...should name this veteran now that I think of it...look for a name too then...

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dreadtober 2016: Update 2

Photo/Drawing/Logo by Todd @ Sincain40k 
Closing out the second full week of October, more progress on the dread. For the first session this week,  I finally got to the edge highlighting on the black armor, using a Vallejo blue-grey color.

Additional high lights went on all the gold and other metal elements as well.  Several additional details have been touched here, including the search light and highlighting of the smoke launchers.

 WIP: Deathwatch Dreadnought Front 

The plasma canon got some love as well.  This will be a Dark Angels veteran, so plasma is only fitting!  The other arm weapons will also get done before the project completes.
WIP: Deathwatch Dreadnought (Right Side)

The Left arm still looking good after additional highlights.
WIP: Deathwatch Dreadnought (Left Side)

More highlights on the rear chassis as well...

For the second session this week, I tackled the base and added decals.  This hero is a veteran of the Dark Angel's 5th company who has achieved many honors, some of which are reflected on his left arm. The company logo doesn't feature well in this shot, but it is displayed on an honor roll hanging between the mighty dreadnought's legs. 

WIP: Deathwatch Dreadnought (Front)

I enjoyed hacking away at the base...there are few rules at this stage and it is quite freeing! A layer of dark grey to set the shadows of the surface of an industrial wasteland.  The a few dry brush layers of lighter greys...then spot washes of GW green, agrax earth shade and sepia. I picked out the pieces of beams in a darker shade and then did some looking around for examples of Eldar helms, never having painted the filthy xenos myself before...I had fun with the blackened hole on the right side of the helm.  This spot is likely where the warrior met his demise.

WIP: Deathwatch Dreadnought (Rear)

Dressed up the back with additional highlights and spot colors such as the small plaque above the chains on the engine cowl. The base is shaping up with the random hose (made from green stuff, using a tentacle maker from Green Stuff Industries) getting some bronze/brass treatment.  This will get some additional weathering as the project continues.  The dread's feet have finally been highlighted as well. I will need to add additional age and weathering to the engine and the stacks, but I really like how they are progressing so far.

So there we are after week two.  Hope the other projects are going well out there.

Cheers and happy gaming!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Dreadtober 2016: Update 1

Dreadtober Logo by Todd @Sincain40k
Photo/Drawing/Logo by Todd @ Sincain40k
As I close out the first week of Dreadtober, I wanted to post an update of my progress.  I was able to get a couple short sessions in this week which I felt helped propel the project ahead of schedule for now.
Clicking through to get a larger view of the picture above, you should see some of the detail in the head.  The head and sarcophagus are all assembled now.  Detail in the armor underneath is now lost from view, but no worries.  I know it's there! I got a little carried away painting trim and other details.  Hopefully this doesn't overly complicate all the fun edge highlighting to come on the black.  

A close up from the front.  Lots of detail work.  I plan to put a Dark Angels logo decal on the left leg.  Perhaps a little non-standard for Deathwatch, but the right shoulder I chose was not going allow me enough latitude to honor this veteran's chapter of origin. I randomly chose a watch company which I'll now have to replicate across my new Deathwatch members as they get painted. I thought the diagonal stripe worked well here. My attempt to pen "ZAEL" on the sarcophagus scroll came out more like "ZAR"...not sure if I'll keep it as is or try, try again.  I need better skills with free hand text, especially at such small scale...

Only some basic work on the back of the dreadnought.  Again, got a bit excited about scrolls, purity seals and oath papers when I probably should have been edge highlighting. :)

Deathwatch Dreadnought WIP

I had a lot of fun with the left arm, especially the litany scroll and the beginnings of the flamer. Had to just let inspiration run ragged here in place of discipline.  I guess it is one reason I like painting in sub-assemblies.  It was easy to go to town on this arm without affecting all the black and doing many retouches, etc..  I am hoping it all looks right together after assembly in terms of shading, intensity, and color matching.  One good reason to get all the details on various parts done at once I guess.

So that's where I stand on this project as week one closes.  I won't get time this weekend, so I'll see where I can get one or two nights next week.  Best of luck to all the other Dreadtober participants out there.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Monday, October 3, 2016

WIP - Deathwatch Drop Pod

More progress on the drop pod over the weekend.  While not apparent from the pic (which is WAY washed out for some reason...took this late and should have looked at it before closing for the night...), A lot of clean up was done to the black to fix some over painting from all the work on the inside, mostly around the door edges.

The bulk of the session was dedicated to the five Deathwatch insignias. This done, next session with this project will see me tackle the dreaded edge highlighting for the black areas and some additional highlights for the metal/silver areas. I need lots of practice edge high lighting (too many years spent dry bushing instead).  I hope the work on this large project will set me up for the rest of the Deathwatch and really mature skills I'd like to have before returning to the 1st Legion 30K project I have on the back burner.

With Dreadtober launched, the drop pod work will slow a pace so I can commit enough time to finish my Dread for the challenge!

Happy Gaming.

Dreadtober 2016

Dreadtober 2016 - image credit Todd @ Sincain40k
Photo/Drawing/Logo by Todd @ Sincain40k

I haven't made the official role yet (working on that), but I intend to complete the Dreadtober challenged over at the Broken Paintbrush. As it so happens, this times nicely with the recent release of Deathwatch minis. I'm completing the drop pod so this is a great time to move on to the Dreadnought. Below is a pick of the initial build, complete with magnetized weapons for the right arm.

Deathwatch Dreadnought - build complete - Dreadtober 2016

So for week one of the challenge kickoff, the dread is assembled and primed black...

Deathwatch Dreadnought - Priming complete - Dreadtober 2016

Looking forward to carrying the project forward this week by blocking in some base colors (yeah, I know....that's mostly just some more black! :P).  Stay tuned for more as the I rise to the challenge.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!