Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dreadtober 2016: Update 2

Photo/Drawing/Logo by Todd @ Sincain40k 
Closing out the second full week of October, more progress on the dread. For the first session this week,  I finally got to the edge highlighting on the black armor, using a Vallejo blue-grey color.

Additional high lights went on all the gold and other metal elements as well.  Several additional details have been touched here, including the search light and highlighting of the smoke launchers.

 WIP: Deathwatch Dreadnought Front 

The plasma canon got some love as well.  This will be a Dark Angels veteran, so plasma is only fitting!  The other arm weapons will also get done before the project completes.
WIP: Deathwatch Dreadnought (Right Side)

The Left arm still looking good after additional highlights.
WIP: Deathwatch Dreadnought (Left Side)

More highlights on the rear chassis as well...

For the second session this week, I tackled the base and added decals.  This hero is a veteran of the Dark Angel's 5th company who has achieved many honors, some of which are reflected on his left arm. The company logo doesn't feature well in this shot, but it is displayed on an honor roll hanging between the mighty dreadnought's legs. 

WIP: Deathwatch Dreadnought (Front)

I enjoyed hacking away at the base...there are few rules at this stage and it is quite freeing! A layer of dark grey to set the shadows of the surface of an industrial wasteland.  The a few dry brush layers of lighter greys...then spot washes of GW green, agrax earth shade and sepia. I picked out the pieces of beams in a darker shade and then did some looking around for examples of Eldar helms, never having painted the filthy xenos myself before...I had fun with the blackened hole on the right side of the helm.  This spot is likely where the warrior met his demise.

WIP: Deathwatch Dreadnought (Rear)

Dressed up the back with additional highlights and spot colors such as the small plaque above the chains on the engine cowl. The base is shaping up with the random hose (made from green stuff, using a tentacle maker from Green Stuff Industries) getting some bronze/brass treatment.  This will get some additional weathering as the project continues.  The dread's feet have finally been highlighted as well. I will need to add additional age and weathering to the engine and the stacks, but I really like how they are progressing so far.

So there we are after week two.  Hope the other projects are going well out there.

Cheers and happy gaming!

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  1. Looking good Dave! The highlights on the black look really smooth.