Monday, October 3, 2016

WIP - Deathwatch Drop Pod

More progress on the drop pod over the weekend.  While not apparent from the pic (which is WAY washed out for some reason...took this late and should have looked at it before closing for the night...), A lot of clean up was done to the black to fix some over painting from all the work on the inside, mostly around the door edges.

The bulk of the session was dedicated to the five Deathwatch insignias. This done, next session with this project will see me tackle the dreaded edge highlighting for the black areas and some additional highlights for the metal/silver areas. I need lots of practice edge high lighting (too many years spent dry bushing instead).  I hope the work on this large project will set me up for the rest of the Deathwatch and really mature skills I'd like to have before returning to the 1st Legion 30K project I have on the back burner.

With Dreadtober launched, the drop pod work will slow a pace so I can commit enough time to finish my Dread for the challenge!

Happy Gaming.

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