Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year 2017

 Welcome to the year 2017 in the time of our hobby Warhammer 40k. It promises to be an interesting year for the game and the hobby with folks forecasting "8th edition" rules and the "end times" for the 40K universe. Regardless of what one makes of the rumors, we can be sure GW has a good deal planned for the hobby and the game in 2017. I look forward to seeing what's ahead for the hobby.  The models coming out in 2016 were great as is a shift towards producing much that has been reserved purely in the fluff until now (Deathwatch, Genestealer Cults, Custodes, Sisters of Silence).

My 2017 TODO list is posted, but look for it to be derailed in mere months.  New GM offerings will no doubt tempt me from the path I have chosen and lead me into the mire of ongoing shiny newness!  The beats lab over flows with kits and opportunities not even on the current TODO list already (I'm looking at you, shrink wrapped Adeptus Mechanicus...).

I wish you all the best 2017 has to offer and all the free time you could ever want for tackling your own list of projects in the new year.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

2017 Project TODO List

This post will track the progress against my 2017 TODO list. I will update it as progress continues with each update showing changes in BOLD. I ordered the project categories in a rough order of importance to me; however priorities change and I expect I'll be revisiting the order of projects as the year progresses.  Additionally, a BONUS category is added to the bottom of the list. This category will cover any unexpected projects that get done outside the planned TODO list. 

Check back to see changes and watch the LAST UPDATED date and BOLD text to track my updates to the post.

[LAST UPDATED: 08/01/2017]

  • Complete terrain project (6 buildings PRIMED)
  • Complete shipping containers (6) - DONE
  • Shadow War Terrain - Six 1'x1' Tiles - ASSEMBLED
Ordo Xenos:
  • Ordo Xenos Inquisitor and Retinue assembled and painted
  • Complete Inquisitorial Land Raider Redeemer - PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Watch Master - PRIMED
  • Complete Terminator Librarian - PRIMED
  • Complete Chaplain - PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Watch Captain - PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Watch Captain w/jump pack - PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Kill Team Cassius (11 models) - PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Terminators (7 models) 
  • Complete Deathwatch Vanguard Veterans (5 models)
  • Complete Deathwatch Veteran squad (5 models) - DONE
  • Complete Deathwatch Veteran squad (5 models) - PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Veteran squad (5 models) - PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Veteran squad (5 models) - PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Vanguard Veteran squad (5 models) - PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Terminator squad (5 models) - PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Bike squad (5 models) - PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Land Raider Crusader- PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Rhino/Razorback - PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Rhino/Razorback - ASSEMBLED
  • Complete Deathwatch Drop Pod - PAINTING
  • Complete Deathwatch Dreadnought Drop Pod - PRIMED
  • Complete Deathwatch Corvus Blackstar- PRIMED
Imperial Knights:
  • Complete Freeblade Knight Paladin
  • Assemble remaining knights (3)
Dark Angels:
  • Complete Dark Angels Nephilim jet fighter
  • Complete Dark Angels Assault Squad (5 models)
  • Complete Dark Angels 30th Anniversary Marine
First Legion (30K)
  • Heavy Support Squad (5 Missile Launchers) painted 
  • Dreadnought Talon (3 models) painted
  • Predator painted
  • Tactical squad (20 models) assembled and painted  
Red Hunters:
  • Red Hunters HQ assembled and painted
  • Red Hunters troop choice assembled and painted
  • Red Hunters troop choice assembled and painted 
  • Venerable Custodes Dreadnought - HIGHLIGHTED
  • Custodian Guard Squad (5 models, sword/shield/vexilla) - HIGHLIGHTED 
  • Custodian Guard squad (5 models, halberds)
  • Shadow War DKoK Kill Team (8 models) - PRIMED
  • Shadow War Red Hunters kill team (5 models) - PRIMED
  • Shadow War Ork Boyz Kill Team (9 models) - PAINTING  
  • Shadow War 29th Zetic Tigers Kill Team (8 models) - PAINTING

Cheers and Happy Gaming!