Monday, April 23, 2018

WIP: Custom Bases for Armiger Warglaives

WIP Custom base for an Armiger Warglaive


In this post, I describe how I modeled bases for my Armiger Warglaives.  And yes, I have two now!  Since there are no real options when building the Warglaive, I'm not going to post about the second build. Instead, I took more pictures of the second build so I can post a detailed how-to on magnetizing the waist. I forgot to take pics with the first build, and so only mentioned the magnetizing in passing. With the second Warglaive, I did mix things up by reversing the legs to change the pose, something the kit allows for. So between that and varying the final position of the arms, I hope they will appear  unique enough with some paint.

But enough of that now.  This is a post about BASES. :)  If you follow my work here, you know by now that I enjoy customizing my own bases using cork and model railroad scenic materials.  This process becomes much more creative when you have a large base to work with.  You can fit more cool stuff!

In my April workbench post I showed off the build of my first Warglaive including a rather plain initial base of cork as seen here.

WIP Custom base for an Armiger Warglaive

Yuck.  Not very inspirational for such a cool Knight model.  Time to dress it up a bit.  I started by using left over pieces form breaking down the cork circle to build up some features. Then, I spread a little wood clue around and sprinkled on some of my custom railroad ballast mix.  This is just two bags of small sizes I mixed years ago.  One bag of fine, and another of the next size up; a bit coarser.

Next, I fiddles about in the bitz box for a bit until i came away with a few pieces of a Chaos terminator.  Seems like something fun for a Warglaive to smash about! So I glued it down to the base as well.  Here's where things stood at that point.

WIP Custom base for an Armiger Warglaive

Lets test fit everything to see how it looks...

WIP Armiger Warglaive

Yep, that will do! One Warglaive striding through the remains of a blasted Chaos terminator.

Next, I like to lay down a finer grit so the model doesn't appear to be standing in a gravel pit.  Also, I don't like a model to be floating on top of its terrain.  I prefer to settle its feet into the grit a bit so it sinks in and appears to have some weight.  For the knight bases, I'm using Vallejo Black Lava which is a gritty black paste that dries hard.  I held the Knight legs in place while spreading the Black Lava which left behind clear foot prints which will be used to mount the knight after painting.

WIP Custom base for an Armiger Warglaive

So that's one base.  Clicking through to the full size image may allow you to get close enough to see better detail of the rock pile on the left of the picture.  It is built up with three layers of cork bits to form a jagged spire of rock, against which the fallen termie shell rests. Here is how I modeled the second base.

`WIP Custom base for an Armiger Warglaive

For this base, I also added some larger scenic model railroad rocks, just to vary things a bit. Next, the good ol' wood glue and gravel treatment. I make sure any portion of the black base that is visible gets glue and gravel.  Otherwise, for these bases I am only putting gravel around the rocky features so things appear to be crumbling/eroding.

WIP Custom base for an Armiger Warglaive

Then of course the Black Lava around the feet...and a skull because its Warhammer 40k.

WIP Custom base for an Armiger Warglaive

Here is Warglaive #2 on its new base.

WIP Armiger Warglaive

Later, I added a bit of hose I made back-a-long from left over Green Stuff and a Green Stuff Industries tentacle maker tool. You can see the hose in the title image at the top of this post. After putting a cool blasted chaos terminator on the first base, I felt the second base needed something...

S0 that's how I spent an hour or so whacking together some cool custom bases for my Warglaives.  I hope it's clear that the sky is the limit here to creativity.  With the cork to emphasize a section of land, its pretty trivial to drop on whatever fits your army theme and personal interests.

Here's a quick example of something more elaborate from my Freeblade Knight Paladin which will soon be back on the painting table and blog.

WIP Custom base for a Freeblade Knight Paladin

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion to DONE

Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion

Its time to call it quits on the Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion. This post is a bit more picture heavy than normal, but I thought it would be fun to bring together some gallery pics at the end of recently completed projects.  If for no other reason than boosting my own morale!  It feels good to pick up the pace recently and turn out some fun results.

For the final painting session, I started with the tilting shield, arbitrarily going with a split red/white color scheme.

Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion WIP

The storm bolter got some paint, and the various icons got attention.  And boy, this fella has A LOT of icons on his armor. Here is a good shot of the left shoulder pad. I'll probably scrawl a name or something on the banner before calling it quits.

Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion WIP

The base got some paint to at last.  Looking at the shot below, he's really coming together now.

Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion WIP

And the back...

Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion WIP

Then the final highlights were put on.  All the parchment got some love from the P3 Menoth White Highlight; the golds got some Vallejo Gold added here and there, followed by some Vallejo Silver.

Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion WIP front

And the back...

Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion WIP back

I am really enjoying painting the Grey Knights, almost as much as Custodes.  For me, the limited skills I know and the little tips and tricks just seem to work on these guys.  I struggle much more with Deathwatch and Dark Angels. It's fun to be able to move between the various factions...working harder on some, and laying back to take it easy with others while still getting solid results across the board.

I'll close with some gallery shots from the light box.  Scroll down to see a family shot of my recently completed Grey Knights, and a pic of the Deathwatch Watch Captain and Custodes Shield-Captain with this completed project. as well.  I know it is all just piece meal work, but it feels good to have completed three characters to good standard in a couple weeks time.

This guy gets the big DONE seal!

I hope you are enjoying good results with your own projects.

Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion front

Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion left side

Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion back

Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion right side

Grey Knight Grand Master, Librarian, and Brotherhood Champion
Taken at the Grey Knights HQ offsite...
And the most recent three characters from my WIP posts all DONE and together in the light box.

Completed Characters from Grey Knights, Custodes, and Deathwatch
Heroes of the Imperium

Completed Characters from Grey Knights, Custodes, and Deathwatch

Completed Characters from Grey Knights, Custodes, and Deathwatch

Completed Characters from Grey Knights, Custodes, and Deathwatch

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Custodes Shield-Captain w/Ax to DONE

He is DONE! After completing some details on the Ax, I spent most of my final session working on the face.  I really wanted to complete the eyes this time, and not simply leave grey orbs with no pupil.

The face took me well over an hour get to a point I would live with.  I still don't love the eyes, but for now, I hit my limit.  Anything I did to improve the situation just F'd it up more. A man has got to know his limitations...

In short, I used GW Kislev Flesh to touch up the highlights. Then I used GW Reikland Fleshshade to work the shadows.  GW Carroburg Crimson was used to color the lips and shade under the eyes and on the cheeks.  The hair and beard were highlighted and then shaded with GW Reikland Fleshshade to tone things down a bit and put some auburn in there, maybe. I'm no hair scientist...

The eyes were simply Vallejo Game Color Ghost Grey with a black pupil.  Rather than dot the eye, I attempted a short vertical line.  On the left eye, the touch up of the line may not be complete as seen in the close ups. It doesn't seem to show much on the model...and again, fixing it was just making things worse.  At one point, I just got up and walked a way for a bit.  Then came back to have a look with what I hoped was fresh perspective.  That is when I chose to call this guy done.  The face is believable, at least to me, and ended up looking better than his possessed (or perhaps wildly fanatical?) brother Shield-Captain...

YOU want some of this?!

'Nuff said?  Let's move on and give this guy a big seal of DONE!

And then close out with a handful of gallery shots.

That's it for now. I really love this guy.  So much presence in the pose and sculpt.  Definitely the senior Shield-Captain in my growing force so far. Next up we'll have some Imperial Knight Armiger Warglaive WIP progress and hopefully I'll bring the Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion to DONE.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!!

Friday, April 13, 2018

WIP: Custodes Shield-Captain w/Ax, Part 3

He's on a base!  But before this could happen, the base needed some work. The first step was to drill a hole for the pin from the left foot. The I put down some Vallejo Black Lava on the flat top of the base.  Before this dried, I pulled the model form the cork and pressed it down into place on the base.  The result was two fine foot prints in the lava as shown below.

Now I know where to glue the model down later, and the weight of his armor seems to settle into the ground a bit, selling the effect of the top layer of loose sand/gravel/dirt. Next a coat of brown and a dry brush of P3 Menoth White.

I didn't take a picture of the next step, but the skull got some P3 Menoth White as well and the whole thing was shaded with GW Agrax Earthshade. Once this dried, the model was glued down. he looks seriously imposing on his earthen pedestal.  I'm psyched!

I used P3 Menoth White Highlight to highlight the skull.  GW Seraphim Sepia was used to shade just the teeth for fun. I used a little more GW Agrax Earthshade around the skull where it meets the ground, and inside the mouth and eye sockets.

The I set about the last two layers of highlights on the gold armor, according to my recipe (see the tab above). Vallejo Old Gold first, then Vallejo Silver. The silver was also used on the knife blade and other gold details. 

A bit more of the blue for the gems was dabbed here and there where I missed a gem or wanted to brighten the blue a bit. Final work will be to complete the Ax (rope/braid and highlights) and finally tackle the rest of the head.  Some new metal work can be seen around the neck above. Just some Vallejo steel with a shade of Nuln Oil for now. I'd like to do more there, plush shade she skin some more and tackle the eyes.  I decided I don't like the pale grey orbs I was doing.  I'm going to toughen up and go back to trying proper iris's again.

But that's it for now.  One more session on this guy, hopefully, then it's one or two more sessions on the Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Deathwatch Watch Captain w/jump pack to DONE

Deathwatch Watch Captain with Jump Pack WIP DONE

It is time to call the Watch Captain with Jump Pack DONE.  There were a few final details that needed to be completed first.

Deathwatch Watch Captain with Jump Pack WIP Base

The base was got a couple layers of dry brushing.  Imagine my surprise when I realized there was a bit of broken masonry at his feet!  Not sure how I missed that for much of the project...

Deathwatch Watch Captain with Jump Pack WIP Jump Pack Glow

I chose a subtle blue glow for the jump pack engines.  I won't call it OSL, though that is part of the effect.  I chose not to go crazy with the glowing effect, and instead kept it subtle, as if perhaps, the engines are fired, but idling. A decal from an old decal sheet was added to the back for fun and to add interest to the otherwise blank, flat surface.

Deathwatch Watch Captain with Jump Pack WIP jump pack decal

Arguably, the decal is a bit jammed in, but I like it!  Possible makes up for my lack of free hand talent for cloaks and capes.

Deathwatch Watch Captain with Jump Pack WIP

The gem in the belt buckle was painted with the GW Spiritstone Red painted directly over the gold. The left knee pad got a diagonal red stripe to match the rest of the force I have painted so far. This probably should have been a Blood Angels icon, but since the right shin had another icon, the left knee was the only place left for force affiliation. It is almost entirely hidden under the studded leather skirt anyway, so it'll hardly stand out either way...and I didn't bother with any pictures.

So following some other clean up on the combi-melta and some additional highlighting on the black armor, I reached a point where I decided to call this fella done.  He got hit with a coat of Model Masters Lusterless Flat and then hit the light box for a photo shoot.  Here's a great big seal of DONE for the project.

Here are a few shots form the light box, starting with a couple group shots with other completed Deathwatch projects.

Deathwatch Watch

Deathwatch Watch Captain with Watch Master

He sure seems to fit in well.

Deathwatch Watch Captain with Jump Pack

Deathwatch Watch Captain with Jump Pack

Deathwatch Watch Captain with Jump Pack

Deathwatch Watch Captain with Jump Pack

Deathwatch Watch Captain with Jump Pack

Well, that's it for now. This fella got started in September of seven months to complete him!  It feels got to get it done.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!