Monday, August 13, 2018

WIP: Grey Knight Characters - Part 2

In this post, I'm focusing on the Brother Captain.  It was time to paint in the gold details using Vallejo Brass (70.801) shaded with GW Reikland Fleshshade. Now things start looking flashy and ornate!

Grey Knight Brother Captain WIP gold details front

Grey Knight Brother Captain WIP gold details back

With the gold addressed, I blocked in more base colors.  The storm bolter was cleaned up along with the halberd.  Then the shrine was painted in and a rough crenelated pattern painted on the tilting shield.  The braid across the front of the armor got some attention next followed by the trim on the cloak and loin cloth next, red trim on the outside and white trim on the inside.  When I had to call it for the night, the shield on the right and the head were all the remained unpainted.

Grey Knight Brother Captain WIP front more base colors blocked in

Grey Knight Brother Captain WIP left side more base colors blocked in

Grey Knight Brother Captain WIP back more base colors blocked in

Grey Knight Brother Captain WIP right side more base colors blocked in

I'm going to duplicate the black crenelations on the right shoulder pad panel.  There is a little more cleanup I want to do as well over all.  Then it'll be time to paint in the remaining shield and head.  With the base colors complete, I'll get to work on the highlights. Grand Master Voldus also had is gold details painted in.

Grand Master Voldus WIP front, gold details painted in

Grand Master Voldus WIP back, gold details painted in

I've been a little distracted by Kill Team and general summer family fun, but progress has been made!  I'm confident I'll get these two completed before the end of the month. Then it will be time to take stock on the current hobby season as I plan for the next!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

WIP: Grey Knight Characters - Part 1

Grey Knight Brother Captain WIP

With August rapidly advancing, it's time to complete the last two Grey Knight characters for my Hobby Season 2017/18 To-Do list.  These models were built a year ago after the 8th edition codex dropped.  Here's where they were left off...

Grey Knight Brother Captain WIP build front
Brother Captain WIP

Grey Knight Brother Captain WIP build back

Grey Knight Grand Master Voldus WIP build front
Grand Master Voldus WIP

Grey Knight Grand Master Voldus WIP build back

Grand Master Voldus is built stock and mounted on a custom base.  I used a daemon head from the recent GW skulls box set and a random human skull from the bits box.  The Brother Captain was built using the Space Marine captain box set and Grey Knight arms. I believe the head was from a librarian model, fitting for a Grey Knight hero. Another daemon skull from the same skull box is featured on the base for this model as well.  Voldus was given more height to help him stand out among the army as a Grand Master.

Both models were primed with the air brush using Vallejo Surface Primer Black.  I decided it was time to record the paint recipe for my grey knights and so it is now available as a tab above with the rest of my recipes.  The silver armor was based using Vallejo steel and the air brush.

Grey Knight Characters WIP basing the armor

Once dry, the armor was shaded using GW Nuln Oil. This was left to dry thoroughly.  The cloth, purity seal parchments and some skulls were painted next and then shaded using GW Agrax Earthshade. While this dried, I painted the black storm bolter casings and added GW Kantor Blue to the halberd blade.

Grey Knight Characters WIP basing the details front

Grey Knight Characters WIP basing the detail back

Off to a good start, these were put aside and that ended my session for the evening. I really enjoy painting Grey Knights and look forward to completing these characters. There is so much detail and the models really pop when painted up to a high standard. During the next session the gold details will be panted in along with the armor joints.  Then I expect to finish base coating the weapons and the remaining details.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Monday, August 6, 2018

On the Workbench [August] - Armiger Helverins!

Armiger Helverin WIP Assembled

This month I stepped away from painting projects to build two Armiger Helverins to add to my House Taranis collection. This knight kit is identical to the Armiger Warglaive kit with the exception of the auto-cannons weapons.  I magnetized the Helverins at the waist in the same manner as the Warglaives. The armor is left off for painting and the arms are freely pose-able at the moment.  Once painted, they will be likely glued (at least at the elbows) to hold a certain pose.  I find they are otherwise a bit floppy.

Here are both helverins assembled and awaiting primer...

Armiger Helverin WIP Assembled

Not sure when these guys will see paint.  I'm interested in completing the Paladin first, at least, since it is roughly half painted already.  Also, the 2017/2018 hobby season is wrapping up so I'm looking at the to-do list to see what I can complete as well. I have two Grey Knight characters on the painting table that would complete a to-do list pledge.

In preparation for much more painting to come as we enter the 2018/2019 season, I sacrificed some hobby time to organize my paints.  It was time to convert the squat, inefficient GW pots to dropper bottles.  I had fun moving the paint over as it allowed me to dip into the past a bit to try and rescue some older GW paint I had stored away.  I found a couple pots of the awesome Devlan Mud among other oldies but goodies. This recent article on Spikey Bits got me thinking about this project once again.  I had previously purchased all the materials and they were packed away on the shelves of doom waiting to be used.

Finally, I took some time over the weekend to finally prime my Sector Mechanicus terrain.

Sector Mechanicus Terrain WIP Primed

That completes another To-Do list item, albeit not a terribly challenging one.  I will say that this terrain poses some challenges to priming.  It's a real challenge to get the paint everywhere it needs to go, compared to simply blasting the flat sides of the Sector Imperialis terrain.  I'm sure there will be some airbrushing to tidy up once I get to painting this stuff.

At least I now have all of my terrain primed.  Maybe some will see paint before the next hobby season ends!!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Deathwatch Librarian w/Jump pack - TO DONE

Deathwatch Librarian with Jump Pack

It is time to present this librarian as DONE for the 2017/2018 hobby season.  While I freely admit I could lavish much more attention on the final highlights and cleanup, this model has reached a point where I'm happy to call it done and move on. Do not let perfection be the enemy of good!

This model sits well with the Watch Captain with jump pack and together they provide some useful, mobile character support for my Deathwatch force. During the final session, I put time into the jump pack, completing its details and adding the missing highlights.  I'll come back to the two scrolls on the top of the jump pack at some point, once I decide what I want to do there to add character.

The base also got some hobby love with a dry brush of P3 Menoth White, followed by P3 Menoth White Highlight.  The base was then shaded with GW Agrax Earthshade.  While Dry brushing, I allowed a controlled about of paint to get on the feet and cloak to tie the model in with its environment a bit.  I also touched some of the shade onto the hem of the cloak and splashed a bit on the boots and greaves as well.

Here, I present some gallery shots of the completed miniature.

Deathwatch Librarian with Jump Pack front

I am really liking the pose of this conversion.  Very different than the original and looks intentional, as if settling back to take the recoil of the plasma pistol, or perhaps taken slightly off balance by the weight of the ax. In my imagination, this librarian has just checked his forward progress and rounded on some new threat off to his left.

Deathwatch Librarian with Jump Pack left side

Boy, do I still need work on my power weapon effects!  I like the colors, but the crackling energy is found wanting...

Deathwatch Librarian with Jump Pack back

How on earth did I miss that sloppy highlight on the top of the left jump jet, just above the scroll detail?  Yikes, I'll touch that up soon. Close up digital photography can really help highlight these issues that seem to get missed when the model is in hand.

Deathwatch Librarian with Jump Pack right side

Take that, xenos scum! I very much like how the Librarium shoulder pad came out.  This was my first attempt at lining the inside of a shoulder pad. Typically, I just shade the pad and highlight the outside edges.  I'll continue to work on this as I complete other space marines.

Well that's it for this guy. Here's a big ol' seal of DONE for the project.

Thanks again to 40kaddict for the inspiration.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Friday, July 27, 2018

WIP: Deathwatch Librarian w/Jump pack - Part 4

Deathwatch Librarian with Jump Pack WIP front

During my last session of the week, I addressed the tabard trim, laid down some earth on the base and began some subtle glow effects in the jump pack nozzles.  I also layered on a few coats of GW Drakenhof Nightshade over the psyker helm and the left hand holding the force ax. Small improvements, but marching towards completeness none-the-less.

Deathwatch Librarian with Jump Pack WIP back

The white trim was base coated with GW Eshin Gray, then painted over with GW White Scar. I then added a pin wash of Nuln Oil after cleaning up the lines.

Deathwatch Librarian with Jump Pack WIP OSL detail on jump jets

The jump pack nozzles where hand painted with GW white scar, then shaded with GW Drakenhof Nightshade followed by a heavy wash of thinned down Lothern Blue.  After that dried, I came back in with an edge highlight of GW white scar.  Similar to the jump pack Watch Captain, I am imagining that the jump jets are powered, but not currently engaged.  Anyway,something to play with. :)

So that's it for this week.  I hope to post up a TO DONE post next week.  It'll be family time this weekend, so I won't get back to the hobby for a couple days.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!