Monday, July 8, 2024

On the Workbench [July] - Legions Imperialis Ruins

Legions Imperialis Ruins Terrain WIP
 Greetings!  Leading into Season of Scenery 2024, I finally sat down to build the Legions Imperialis ruins. They look great, and honestly aren't that hard to assemble.  But boy did it still take me some time to work through them. There's a lot of little parts and cleaning (esp. if you are a perfectionist, like me 😂).  But after a couple sessions, I had everything assembled.

Legions Imperialis Ruins Terrain WIP
Lots of fun terrain for the infantry to take cover in, and garrison. Some line of sight blocking for the rest. As shown above, one box roughly covers a little more than a quarter of a 4'x4' gaming mat.  Hopefully mixed with the rest of my Titanicus terrain, there will be enough terrain variety for a decent game. The plastic bag in the upper right holds all the bits of scatter terrain (piles or debris, etc.) that help fill in some of the empty space with cover.

Legions Imperialis Landing Pad Terrain WIP

While digging out terrain for painting, I also came across this resin landing pad that I had forgot I picked up.  Seems to host this Thunderhawk quite nicely. :) This piece got a primer coat along with all of my Adeptus Titanicus buildings.  For mey next post, I'll share WIP pics from that project as I move through the Season of Scenery, 2024. Perhaps ironically, these ruins are not on tap for the challenge, unless I have time after all the buildings are done. And there is a lot of buildings...

Adeptus Titanicus or Legions Imperialis Buildings Terrain WIP

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Off to a great start on your terrain, the last buildings look interesting, so hopefully you'll have time to get them done as well.