Monday, July 31, 2023

On the Workbeanch [July] - Tiny Planes and Titans


Marauder Colossus and Marauder Pathfinder Aircraft WIP for Aeronautica Imperialis

Absent, but not idle...welcome back! I seem to have completely missed a week of posts with no excuse for vacations, etc.  Regardless, that does not mean I've haven't been at the hobby.  With the clear switch over to Legions Imperialis coming, I thought I'd acquire these last Imperial Navy aircraft and get them built for my collection.  Looks like good timing since they are gone from the Forge World store (at least from the US site). I had picked up a random Marauder Pathfinder off eBay a few months back, then decided to work harder to secure a second, and then a pair of the Marauder Colossus bombers.  

In the pic above they look like identical planes, but should you click through to the full size pic, I'm confident you'll see the differences.   The Colossus bombers have smooth resin backs (front and rear planes in the pic). I can't imagine ever playing with all of these in a game, but I needed to fill out the appropriate Marauder Bomber tray from Battle Foam. 😁 Empty slots in a storage tray just eat at my soul...

Adeptus Titanicus Forge World Weapon Upgrades

So that little plane distraction led to assembling the various extra Forge World weapons I've been slowly acquiring as they have been released.  One never knows how long these kits will remain available, so I tend to pick up the stuff I am interested in ASAP...even when there isn't really the's a sickness, I know. In this pic, we have a Warlord graviton weapon, and then conversion beam weapons for the Reaver, Warhound, and Warlord titans as well.  I buy weapons in pairs so that I can equally equip the two legions I collect: Legio Ignatum and Legio Tempestus.  I can't expect my friends to collect the game, but Titanicus is small enough that I can easily support two forces and invite friends to play. And I love painting them, so there is that.

Legio Ignatum Reaver Titan WIP for Adeptus Titanicus

That brings me to my current painting project - which isn't a workbench post item normally, but I did have to build and magnetize a couple weapon options.  This Reaver titan will become Honorum Veritatis in service to Legio Ignatum.  The rights of Color have already begun, so expect to see more of that later in the week.

Legio Tempestus Reaver Titan WIP for Adeptus Titanicus

This Reaver titan will become Pugno Martis in service to the Legio Tempestus.  With its toothy head, it will be the first of my Legio Tempestus Titans to show symptoms of turning sides for the Warmaster and Dark Mechanicum. I had fun with the base here, using some Forgeworld Titanicus scenery pieces to make a little piece of defensive breastwork being stomped under foot.

These two titans will even out my dueling forces with two fire support and one close combat Reaver titan each. I enjoy magnetizing weapon options and so have worked things out so I can replace the fist with the chain blade as desired. The armor for both titans is still on the sprue and so not very interesting to add to this post.  The armor will reappear in the painting posts though, no worries.

So that's what I have on the workbench for July.  It looks like August will be about painting Reaver titans.  I'm not sure about picking up Legions Imperialis yet.  I bought into Titanicus and Aeronautica hoping, I must admit, that GW would bring it all together.  Apparently they have which sounds super cool.  But Legions Imperialis will mean A LOT more tiny models to paint and I'm not sure yet how inspired I'll be for that.  I've managed to get friends into playing tiny airplane and titan games because of the small model count and relatively quick games (OK, not really w/Titanicus).  I'm betting games of Legio Imperialis will be back to requiring a half day or more to pull off (with the requisite beer and chatter of course!)

I have to say that deep down inside I DO have some inspiration for displaying my tiny titans and planes along side a tiny First Legion force...

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Friday, July 21, 2023

Dark Angels Aggressor Squad - TO DONE


Dark Angels Aggressors

Primaris Aggressors TO DONE!  I have not be very productive this summer, but models do continue to show up completed.  I put aside the 9th Company Master I started batch painting with these fellows just so I could focus and get them done.  In general, I guess there is not much to see here - just more painted Dark Angels Primaris marines! It's not nothing, though. 😄

So there is the big stamp o' DONE for the project.  I started filling out a bingo card for fun as well...

We'll see how much of this gets filled in. I'm certainly NOT the most prolific hobbyist out here. But that's where I'm at so far in the calendar year 2023.  I'm feeling pretty good about the painted 40K Dark Angels I have in the case so far.  I'd feel better if I could get them on the table for a game, but that's a me problem.

So...maybe Tiny Titans next? Maybe some more tiny planes?  I'm interested in Legions Imperialis as a companion to my collection of these other tiny toys...Not sure if I can inspire my gaming friends to try it out.  I do have a game of Titanicus planned for next week though!

Anyway - we'll see where the currents of hobby inspiration lead. I have a lot of good choices for projects.

For those wanting to see more detail on these Aggressors, scroll down after the break for some close ups.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Dark Angels Aggressor Squad WIP - Part 2


Dark Angels Aggressors WIP

Greetings and welcome back!  After some vacation time away with the family, I'm back at the desk painting Dark Angels Aggressors.  I got the details pretty much completed with a few exceptions, the transfers on, and even started some edge highlighting on one model.  So many edges...

Dark Angels Aggressors WIP

As mentioned previously, I arbitrarily chose to put these fellas in the 9th company fire support reserves.  This is mostly to pair them with a fun Master/Captain model in Gravis armor.  With Lazarus as the master of the 5th company, there wasn't really room for another Master there. And I have plenty of fire support options for the fifth company as it is. So these gents will be the first squad of the 9th company in my collection. This is also a great opportunity to use some of the other knee pad transfers on my sheets. 😂So many transfers so little time...

Dark Angels Aggressors WIP

This is NOT by best set of photos, so please bear with me for this post.  I need to pay more attention there and stop taking photos last thing when I turn in for the night (often around midnight).

Dark Angels Aggressors WIP

I keep forgetting to finish the purity seals on the sergeant's backpack. One of the exceptions to completing the details on these models. Also, there are several cables that need to be painted.

Dark Angels Aggressors WIP

Lots of dakka.  I like where the project is going and should have it wrapped up soon.  I'll be back to more regular posts with vacation now behind me too. I have a lot of Dark Angels models I'd like to paint...including The Lion, but what is that around the corner...Legions Imperialis? Yes please!  Expect a transition to tiny titans, planes and people in August.  I'm very excited to see how they tie the planes, titans and new armor and infantry into a single game.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!