Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Horus Heresy Dark Angels - New Additions....


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Ok, I could not resist building more Horus Heresy Dark Angels this week.  I am weak. I *am* still working on the Warmaster Titan, really I am...but I just *love* building models and I really have the bug to do it at the moment.  With the launch of HH 2.0, I decided to get all the backlog models built, before I look at the models from the new boxed set. I have a mix of plastic and resin to put together, so this weekend, I set to building the resin character models I've been sitting on and a handful of other stuff.

Dark Angels Legion Tartaros Centurion WIP

I took an original Tartaros Praetor and added a grenade harness and an alternate head from the Forge World Dark Angels heads set.  This fella is now a Legion Tartaros Centurion for my force, armed with a terranic greatsword (or equivalent).  I'd have preferred a two-handed flamberge, but this will do.

Dark Angels Legion Centurion WIP

I took the original Boarding Marine model from way back and replaced his thunder hammer and head.  He's now another Centurion for my force, a grizzled veteran to lead my Legion Breacher Squad into the fray.

Dark Angels Legion Praevian WIP

This Legion Praevian will one day lead automata from the Legion's tech vault to battle; once the version 2 rules are released for Mechanicum models.  I do so hope they continue to support adding automata to Legion forces.

Dark Angels Legion Apothecarion Detachment WIP

I built a set of Legion Apothecaries to form a Legion Apothecarion Detachment. Probably need a few more of these fellas, but I expect something will appear in plastic at some point, so I'll hold out with just the two for now.

Dark Angels Legion Techmarine Covenant WIP

This lad forms my Legion Techmarine Covenant.  He's lonely, but that will have to do for now.  I also expect to see plastic here at some point. Or I'll be looking for something back in stock from Forge World.  The Techmarine in mark IV armor is suspiciously absent...or am I making that up?  I swear there was one at one point...

Dark Angels Legion Terminator Cataphractii Squad WIP

I got these cataphractii terminators in a bits grab at some point in the distant past - maybe a Veteran of the Long Wars kickstarter reward even? I forget, but they have been sitting in bags for a few years. I made a couple modification with some plastic bits to suit my interests. Should make for a nice all-around shooty/poundy squad.  They could probably due without the reaper autocanon, but the rule of cool won out - and what else was I to do with it?!

Dark Angels Legion Terminator Cataphractii Squad WIP
I took an existing 5-person Cataphractii command squad and turned it into a 10-person Legion Cataphractii Terminator Squad.  Seems like the game could use big blocks of terminators, so here we are. There is always the option to break the squad up and field it differently in any given game. Oh, and never mind the five plastic Cataphractii from the new boxed set waiting on the shelf...maybe I will reconfigure the squad again and free up the original command squad back to their duties.  So many models, so few games...😂

Dark Angels Legion Veteran Squad WIP

I also converted an existing 5-person veteran squad into a 10-person squad.  The original sergeant was demoted (sorry dude...) with the addition of a new head, and this resin chap (center front) was given the job instead.  He's probably supposed to be a Praetor or Centurion model, but he'll make a fine Veteran Sergeant. A flexible squad to plug any gaps in the line, they have a mix of H-t-H and shooty weapons.

That's the lot of new stuff for now.  I have now built all the resin, save for the Lion himself and his Deathwing Companions.  They will literally never get built, or painted, as I'm a big old scaredy cat. Maybe one day, when I think I'm at the height of my craft and the palsy hasn't yet taken my skills...but no, probably not.  I want those last models of the Legion to by my finest work - the centerpiece-de-resistance, as it were.

For plastic, I have 30 mark IV marines to build, five will increase the size of my current Calabanite Tactical squad to 15, 15 will form a third tactical squad, five will form a heavy support squad with lascanons and the last five will form a heavy support squad with multi-meltas, 'cause why not?

Then, I will think about the models in the new Horus Heresy Age of Darkness boxed set, and not a moment before.  Ok, who am I kidding?  I think about those models ALL THE TIME.  But I'm not building them...nope...yet.

Hope you have found something inspiring, or at least entertaining, in this post.  I'll follow up with a progress post on the Warmaster Titan by the end of the week.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. You know that the models in the boxset are whispering to you. Build me Build me