Wednesday, July 6, 2022

On the Workbench [July] - Heresy Era Dark Angels Tartaros Pattern Terminator Squad

Heresy Era Dark Angels Tartaros Terminators WIP

I found a couple Heresy draft posts that hadn't been published so enjoy the filler while I'm away...

I decided to bang together the squad of Tartaros Terminators I had from the Burning of Prospero box.  Since this pattern doesn't suffer the movement penalties of the Cataphractii, I thought they'd make a better hand-to-hand squad and armed them for close in work.  A plasma repeater will support the squad along with a combi-bolter and the Sergeant's Volkite pistol.  Otherwise, these terminators want to get stuck in.

Heresy Era Dark Angels Tartaros Terminators WIP

I based these to match the rest of my 30K Dark Angels, with a quick dip in the model railroad ballast after covering each base with wood glue. I use a GW technical paint spatula to push the basing material from around the feet and off any of the models where I might have got glue while covering the base.

And there I have a squad of Terminators to support my Tactical squads. I look forward to painting them up in First Legion colors.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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  1. Great looking conversions, I know I have somewhere but cannot find them :(