Wednesday, June 29, 2022

On the Workbench [June] - Heresy Era Dark Angels Rhino Transport

Heresy Era Dark Angels Rhino WIP

 I found a couple Heresy draft posts that hadn't been published so enjoy the filler while I'm away...

The first of the First Legion transports is assembled and almost ready for paint. The plow needed some heat treatment to straighten it out before it could be attached.  Once straightened it was pinned to the hull and attached with 2-part epoxy.  While poking around in the bits pile I realized I had a handful of Forge World tarantulas with radar dishes that is now OOP.  The dish is of a standard size compatible with the razorback turret, and likely the same parts that make up the Damocles Command Rhino. And so it was that the humble Rhino became an optional Command Rhino over night. Bonus!

Heresy Era Dark Angels Damocles Rhino WIP

Much like the Rhino/Razorback combo tanks I use for my 40K Dark Angels, I'll paint up the Rhino doors, and the Damocles add-on so this tank can do double duty, depending on the needs of the force from one game to another.  I don't know that the First Legion needs a command Rhino, but why pass on the option if I have the parts, right?

Three more rhinos wait in boxes to join the motor pool and help transport my squads across the table top. More on those in the future along with more painting inspiration as I continue filling out my First Legion army.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Looking well, always loved the radar option on Rhinos.

    1. Totally! I have always wished they did more in a game. but the rule of cool still rules.

  2. nice looking conversion, look forward to seeing it painted