Thursday, October 11, 2018

DreadTober 2018 - Week 2

This week I did more work on the highlights.  First I applied Vallejo Steel over the storm bolters and the connection rods at the knuckles of the hands.

Some Vallejo Silver was painted on the gems followed by some GW Soulstone Blue technical paint to stay consistent with the rest of the Custodes I have painted so far.  Not sure I love the look, but it does ad some pop and I've come this far with it so might as well continue.

I added edge highlights of Vallejo Old Gold to the armor, followed by Vallejo steel for some of the high points.  I think this largely washes out in the photos, but you get a peek of the silver highlights on the gold here and there.  I want it to be subtle, yet still effective to brighten the look of the model.

Vallejo Grey Blue (70.943) was used as an edge highlight for the black on the halberd barrel, the hands, and some of the joints where there were edges to highlight. Some Vallejo Gunmetal was painted on the gears in the joints and highlighted with Vallejo Steel.

Next I set to work on the gold, using Vallejo Chrome as an edge highlight.

Then I took a break and painted up the halberd blade according to my Adeptus Custodes paint recipe as taken from Duncan's youtube video on painting Adeptus Custodes (~10:15). I continue to shy away from painting in the crackling energy, as my attempts thus far have looked like some sea-based life forms clinging to the weapons.  Here's where I got to on the Dreadnought.

Here's the result at a distance.

After this break, it was time for more highlights and cleanup.  The black joints and hands got more highlights, as did various portions of the gold.  I'm coming to a stopping point now where I will step away and complete the base, I think.  Then there will be plenty of time to come back and look things over for during a final pass.

Looking good.  My best wishes go out the all of the other challengers and their projects.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. That is looking good mate. Nice job, you can see the highlights in the final picture