Wednesday, August 8, 2018

WIP: Grey Knights Characters - Part 1

Grey Knight Brother Captain WIP

With August rapidly advancing, it's time to complete the last two Grey Knight characters for my Hobby Season 2017/18 To-Do list.  These models were built a year ago after the 8th edition codex dropped.  Here's where they were left off...

Grey Knight Brother Captain WIP build front
Brother Captain WIP

Grey Knight Brother Captain WIP build back

Grey Knight Grand Master Voldus WIP build front
Grand Master Voldus WIP

Grey Knight Grand Master Voldus WIP build back

Grand Master Voldus is built stock and mounted on a custom base.  I used a daemon head from the recent GW skulls box set and a random human skull from the bits box.  The Brother Captain was built using the Space Marine captain box set and Grey Knight arms. I believe the head was from a librarian model, fitting for a Grey Knight hero. Another daemon skull from the same skull box is featured on the base for this model as well.  Voldus was given more height to help him stand out among the army as a Grand Master.

Both models were primed with the air brush using Vallejo Surface Primer Black.  I decided it was time to record the paint recipe for my grey knights and so it is now available as a tab above with the rest of my recipes.  The silver armor was based using Vallejo steel and the air brush.

Grey Knight Characters WIP basing the armor

Once dry, the armor was shaded using GW Nuln Oil. This was left to dry thoroughly.  The cloth, purity seal parchments and some skulls were painted next and then shaded using GW Agrax Earthshade. While this dried, I painted the black storm bolter casings and added GW Kantor Blue to the halberd blade.

Grey Knight Characters WIP basing the details front

Grey Knight Characters WIP basing the detail back

Off to a good start, these were put aside and that ended my session for the evening. I really enjoy painting Grey Knights and look forward to completing these characters. There is so much detail and the models really pop when painted up to a high standard. During the next session the gold details will be panted in along with the armor joints.  Then I expect to finish base coating the weapons and the remaining details.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!