Monday, August 6, 2018

On the Workbench [August] - Armiger Helverins!

Armiger Helverin WIP Assembled

This month I stepped away from painting projects to build two Armiger Helverins to add to my House Taranis collection. This knight kit is identical to the Armiger Warglaive kit with the exception of the auto-cannons weapons.  I magnetized the Helverins at the waist in the same manner as the Warglaives. The armor is left off for painting and the arms are freely pose-able at the moment.  Once painted, they will be likely glued (at least at the elbows) to hold a certain pose.  I find they are otherwise a bit floppy.

Here are both helverins assembled and awaiting primer...

Armiger Helverin WIP Assembled

Not sure when these guys will see paint.  I'm interested in completing the Paladin first, at least, since it is roughly half painted already.  Also, the 2017/2018 hobby season is wrapping up so I'm looking at the to-do list to see what I can complete as well. I have two Grey Knight characters on the painting table that would complete a to-do list pledge.

In preparation for much more painting to come as we enter the 2018/2019 season, I sacrificed some hobby time to organize my paints.  It was time to convert the squat, inefficient GW pots to dropper bottles.  I had fun moving the paint over as it allowed me to dip into the past a bit to try and rescue some older GW paint I had stored away.  I found a couple pots of the awesome Devlan Mud among other oldies but goodies. This recent article on Spikey Bits got me thinking about this project once again.  I had previously purchased all the materials and they were packed away on the shelves of doom waiting to be used.

Finally, I took some time over the weekend to finally prime my Sector Mechanicus terrain.

Sector Mechanicus Terrain WIP Primed

That completes another To-Do list item, albeit not a terribly challenging one.  I will say that this terrain poses some challenges to priming.  It's a real challenge to get the paint everywhere it needs to go, compared to simply blasting the flat sides of the Sector Imperialis terrain.  I'm sure there will be some airbrushing to tidy up once I get to painting this stuff.

At least I now have all of my terrain primed.  Maybe some will see paint before the next hobby season ends!!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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