Friday, August 24, 2018

Grey Knights Brother Captain - TO DONE

It's time to put the Brother Captain up.  I believe I reached all of the details...and after some rework, I arrived at eyes I can live with!  Yikes.  Not so good at eyes.

 I am pleased with the results and he matches well with the rest of the characters despite being done close to a year after the first.  With this model, I learned that I need some discipline around working on other things while in the middle of such a detailed model.  It was challenging to pickup where I left off an this caused some delays and contributed to a general lack of excitement when sitting down again to finish the project. is my big seal of DONE for the model and then some gallery shots of how he turned out.

Thanks for following along on my hobby odyssey.  Grand Master Voldus got some attention and I'll have a post up with him early next week.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. He looks well cool, I thought he was Deathwing in the first picture ;) Brilliant he just made the end of the Season, well done!

  2. That looks flipping smart. I have the original Capt and many vanilla Capt in Termie Armour already, so might go this route with mine, when the Hobby Butterfly settles on this project that is! Great job

    1. Thank you! Fun and pretty straight forward as conversions go.