Friday, August 31, 2018

Results from the 2017/18 Hobby Season

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Time to wrap up to the 2017/18 Hobby Season and take stock of what got done and what got dropped on the floor.  To be fair, I'm going to talk about what got DONE.  I never expected to complete the laundry list of items I laid out as possible projects for this season; there was so much!  First let's look at a couple unexpected distractions...

Custodes...what started as an amusement when the first models appeared turned into a passion when the new 8th edition Codex dropped.  Now I am closer to having a fully painted force of Custodes than I am with any other army, even my Dark Angels which I've owned for decades!

Imperial Knights!  I did not expect the release of new models (Armiger pattern knights) and this certainly altered the original to-do list as I had not had any knight work planned.  The new Armigers and a new 8th edition codex inspired me to choose a House Taranis army project for my knights, most of which had been in boxes until the codex released.  Now, not only do I have two completed Armiger Warglaives,  but also four Questoris knights and two Armiger Helverins built, primed, and ready for paint.  And I have a Cerastus Knight Castigator washed and ready for assembly as well.  I would *love* to complete this knight house in 2018/219.

New Deathwatch with more Primaris marines!  This significant change to the codex caused a drop in painting productivity while I built two full 10 man squads of Primaris Deathwatch.

The last major distraction was the release of the new 40K: Kill Team game.  I simply can't make the time to play many full 40K games these days.  I hope to make Kill Team a game that can be played on free evenings and something that will replace Shadow Wars; a game that just didn't live up to my expectations.  The end of 2017/2018 finds me with five assembled kill teams leading into the new Hobby Season. I have dropped my Shadow Wars projects in favor of completing my new kill teams.

Now lets look at what I was able to complete in pictures.

Deathwatch Watch Master

Deathwatch Watch Master Closeup

What a great way to start off the season...I LOVE this model! I couldn't be more psyched with the results I managed.

Grey Knights Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Armor

Grey Knights Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Armor Closeup

DreadTober 2017 was a great project.  I have taken part in DreadTober for a couple years and very much enjoy the challenge and the community spirit. It was great to put this Grand Master on the paint table and get him DONE. I think this year will see something new for the Custodes come DreadTober...

Grey Knights Librarian

Following on the inspiration from painting the Grand Master, it was time to finish another Grey Knights character.

Adeptus Custodes Custodian Guard

Adeptus Custodes Contemptor Dreadnought

Lots of Custodes this season.  I really dig painting them! Three projects and 11 models completed.

Dark Angels Primaris Hellblasters

Squaduary 2018 was another fun blog community project.  I took the opportunity to complete my first 10-man Dark Angels squad in QUITE some time, the Primaris Hellblasters. Fun to paint and effective on the table.

Deathwatch Watch Captain with Jumppack

Some mobility for the Deathwatch.  I had fun painting the xenos blade. I really wish I could love painting black as much as gold...

Adeptus Custodes Shield Captain

This guy was probably my favorite project of the season, just edging out the Deathwatch Watch Master.  I love the pose and the results.

Grey Knights Brotherhood Champion

"Don't forget me!" A Grey Knights Brotherhood Champion. A pocket character for the Grey knights as I try to bang out five for the season. nothing special, but a great looking character all the same.

 Armiger Warglaives

Where did these come from?  Really.  I was caught totally off guard here, never expecting new kits for the Knights. Fun to build, fun to paint!  My House Taranis collection was born.

Deathwatch Librarian with Jumppack

More mobility for the Deathwatch.  I'm starting to settle in on painting the black armor.  My line highlighting has improved and I look forward to digging deeper to complete a kill team for the next season.

I realized as I finished this model and began writing the blog posts that I used the same head as the Deathwatch Librarian above.  This wouldn't have been so interested except I ended up painting them back to back despite having built the Brother Captain roughly ten months prior to assembling the Deathwatch Librarian. I had no idea I'd even have a jump pack Librarian for the Deathwatch, nor that I'd be painting them both so close together.  Anyway, made me chuckle. At least they are both in very different poses and looking different directions.

And last but not least, I finished Grand Master Voldus!

So there they are...roughly 14 projects for the seasons and a total of  32 models painted, sealed and DONE.  Wow. A major record for me.  I'm still all over the place with my projects, so the likelihood of having a single complete army done is slight.  The year has reinforced in me the notion that I am a hobbyist first and a gamer second at this point. No worries.

For 2018/2019 I'll likely aim for a few completed kill teams.  Perhaps I'll get a completed House Taranis army...and I expect some more Custodes.  I can already field a couple fully painted detachments so that's something, right? Heh.

What a fun and rewarding season.  I hope you have had success with your own projects over the past 12 months.  Now onward to the next Hobby Season.  The Long War continues...

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Great roundup, I think this next year I’ll be doing some Custodes too, and I need to finish my Warlord Titan this calendar year... it’s been too long languishing in the part started pile!

    1. A warlord, nice! Only Warlord Titan I'll be painting is a new Titanicus model perhaps...I REALLY want to get into that game, but already don't play much of the rest of the games I have stuff for already. :)