Thursday, August 30, 2018

Grey Knights Grand Master Voldus - TO DONE

Grey Knights Grand Master Voldus WIP title

I finished!  As it turns out, I managed to get in the time I needed to finish Voldus before the end of the month.  So I'll happily notch him off on the DONE list for the season; my last project to be completed.  I started off the final session by looking at the head, and tackling the eyes, which I had been putting off.

I had already shaded the recesses of the eyes with Nuln Oil, so I carefully...ever so carefully, painted in the whites of the eyes using P3 Menoth White Highlight.  I didn't want to use a bright white, like GW whit scar, because I didn't want the eyes to pop unrealistically. Next, a small vertical line of GW Abaddon Black.  I'd like to say I did this all in one pass.  The left eye did make it in one pass, but I repainted the right eye five or six times before I was happy.  Still not perfect, but I got it to where I could live with it.

Below is an intentionally distant shot of the head so you can see what it looks like normally when we aren't zoomed in.  Looks pretty face-like! :)  I was very pleased and decided to move on.  The head was attached to the model at last.

Once the head was attached, I attacked the remaining details, mostly on the weapons, which I'd left for last.  The base also got some spot washes of GW Athonian Camoshade and Carroburg Crimson. The base highlights were dry brushed on using P3 Menoth White Highlight.  The large book was cleaned up a bit, and I decided to go with gold details instead of the silver I started with to match the GW art. I added some scratches to the leather straps.

Now for the big ol' stamp of DONE for the Grand Master!

And now for the gallery shots of the finished Grand Master.

He's looking fierce!  Here's a man that can deal with a little chaos around the house...

I decided to mirror the diagonal red/white motif on the shoulder shield, to match the tilting shield on the left shoulder of the armor. The hammer got a lot of love, with the details finished off and highlighted.  I even attempted a few scratches on the brown leather. He's ready to beat face with that hammer, no doubt.

All-in-all, a great project and loads of fun to paint.  Also a very satisfying way to close out the season.  During 2018/19, it will be time to leave the characters and paint up a squad or two to grow the force.  I have loads assembled and primed silver already so this shouldn't bee too tough.  We'll see what Squaduary brings, though I expect a kill team may take precedence. 

Up next, I'll post a review of the 2017/18 season followed by a look ahead at the to-do list for the coming year of hobby love. So many good projects await and never mind that I'm doing my best to resist buying up a set of titans for Titanicus!  Ugh. I made a personal pledge that I have to complete House Taranis before I can paint titans...

So that's it for today.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Brilliant mate, really great! Face is superb and I love the details, power cable on Hammer, silver Aquila on small book, gold on big book. Sweet.

    1. Thanks very much! He is a very cool model to paint.