Monday, August 2, 2021

Dark Angels Intercessor and Heavy Intercessor WIP - Part 4


Dark Angels Intercessors and Heavy Intercessors WIP

Greetings.  A short post today to keep abreast of the progress I've been able to make. From my prior post, you can see that I was a bit distracted building skimmers for my Horus Heresy Dark Angels.  I got some unexpected free time, which could have been put towards painting.  However, when I get a good block of uninterrupted time, I almost always turn to assembly.  It's easy for me to pickup the paint brush and spend a free hour or two making progress.  I find it less convenient to have to stop in the middle of a big assembly project. 

Dark Angels Heavy Intercessors WIP

The Heavy Intercessors gained some armor highlights.  They are pretty splotchy in some areas here, so I went  back in and clean that up with the base armor color. 

Dark Angels Heavy Intercessors WIP

I'm pleased with the results (some splotchiness aside), but wow does it take me a loooong time to complete. For reference, I spent four hours over two evening sessions getting just the highlights painted on here. For comparison, I painted all of details (chest eagles, leather, scrolls, etc.) in a single 2 hour session.  So progress appears to slow way down when I hit the armor highlights, but the hours are still being put in.  I spent a combined seven to eight hours highlighting both squads. 

Dark Angels Intercessors WIP

Next up, I brought out the red base color for the guns and added the first layer of highlights to brighten things up after they had been dulled down from shading.

Dark Angels Heavy Intercessors WIP

The armor highlights on the Heavy Intercessors have been cleanup up a bit here too. Slow progress, but progress none-the-less.  A short camping vacation for the last half of the week saw me put my brushes down for some family time. Now that I'm back, progress will continue, and hopefully these 10 marines will get finished.  I'm past the long slog of highlights and into the quicker (and smaller) highlights. The bases are quick to paint too so I hope I can wrap these guys up in another couple sessions.

Hope everyone is staying safe out there.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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