Monday, September 30, 2019

WIP: Blades of Vengeance Primaris Characters - Part 3

More progress to share on the Blades of Vengeance today.  It does not look like I'm going to complete these models before DreadTober kicks off.  But no matter.  I like where they are going and I'm want to take my time with them. Its a hobby force and I don't need to make any deadlines other than my own at this point. I've already side lined the Master for now, although I do occasionally bring him into the batch depending on what I'm painting (like the pistols).

I was planning to use black weapon cases for this chapter. However, looking back through the Dark Angels codex, I noticed the one example picture illustrates this chapter with red cases.  So I decided to go with the canon, hoping that a new update doesn't retcon that on me. :)  And I'm glad I did!  The red pops nicely, even with the existing red chest eagles and lieutenant stripes. I may be biased based on prior Dark Angels projects however.

I base coated the bases and added shading.  No highlights on the bases yet.

This model is rising to the top of my "favorite Lieutenant" list. The sword hilts have been touched up from the blade painting. Much of the work on these guys has gone into painting the pistols and cleaning up various bits from previous sessions.  This guy got some initial green highlights on the armor. Subtle, but that's how I roll.

This next model also got some highlights. He's my second favorite pose currently. Some GW Mephiston Red has been painted in the eye lenses of all the helmets.  Shading and final highlights are still needed. I think this should look better on the models without the red helmet stripe. But I shan't judge until I complete the work.

I finally have the bone on the shoulder pads clean and ready for transfers.  I realize I need some black sword icons for the veterans, such as the Ancient and these lieutenants. Dark angels use red ones, which I have a-plenty.  I found a couple on the Forge World Siege of Vraks sheet (Red scorpions among other bits on that sheet) that may fit, but not enough for the army, likely.  So I think I'll go back to trying to print my own.  It's a simple thing, so I should be able to get it right. :)

Man, nothing like posting close ups to point out the remaining mistakes, eh? I'm just now seeing that I have a spot of gold to touch up on the blade after repainting power leads.

Some preliminary work on the non-helmeted heads.  Since the Lion is blonde I thought I'd try some dirty-blonde hair on his scions. I'm liking it so far.  This is just base colors and shading.  No highlights yet. I'm also still trying to figure out this guy's left eye.  I believe he has battle scars and an augmetic, but it's much more subtle than usual. I'll work on the puckering scar with more shades and highlights.

White prayer beads on this guy are coming along.  Again, just bases and shading so far.  No highlights. I also decided on some grey rock or debris among the sandy shades on the bases to bring a bit of life to the base.  I am also continuing to lay down spot shades of green to give the ground a mossy, lived in look. Heh.

Some may note that I finally drilled out the pistol barrels.  I normally would do this during assembly.  I forget why it was I skipped that step with these guys. This fella is looking a bit more solid with his initially painted head.  Like the previous model, I haven't gone back in with any highlights or creative shading....well that's not entirely true.   This guy got a preliminary shading of GW Carroburg Crimson. I focused around all the metal bits that I felt would leave the skin a bit angry and raw.

He is still looking good sporting his preliminary chapter badge transfer. I'm looking forward to the final set reprinted with clear swords, instead of white.

The Ancient gets a little love here and there as I work on the Lieutenants.  His bolt gun has been painted red now and the banner got a black pole and some green leaves. And of course the base was batch painted with the rest.  Otherwise, this fella has just received some cleanup.

A more obvious shot of the black pole above. And that is the end of my little show and tell today.  I had visions of these guys being fully completed today, but they are still looking good and progress has been made.  They are getting the full character treatment, and for me that just takes time. I've also been jumping in and out of painting these guys in two or three hour blocks.  at times this has left me struggling a bit to recall where I was at and what needed to happen next.  I would have been better served had I put an organised painting plan together and stuck to it.  I have the color recipes, but otherwise, I've been all over the place with the painting. I recognize the disorganization has cost me some efficiency which equals a measure of lost time.

I'll address this as I take on squads so the batch painting will be more productive. As it stands, it is good to be a hobby painter with no real deadlines. I am enjoying the results and I believe I'm learning a lot with these guys that will help me with the rest of the force going forward.

Next up will likely be my first DreadTober 2019 post unless I manage to squeeze in one more painting session prior to the 1st. Until then...

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Brilliant progress, coming together nicely, the red casing on weapons looks traditionally DA, and the Ancient looks good. Use these as a distraction from Dread painting this month, as a 'palette cleanser'. Best of luck with Dreadtober HH Contemptor, I'm painting two metal Dreads.

    1. Thanks! I look forward to seeing how those old school dreads come out. Classics for sure!