Friday, September 20, 2019

WIP: Blades of Vengeance Custom Decals

40K Blades of Vengeance Primaris Ancient WIP

Several unrelated work and life events have kept me largely out of the hobby cave recently, but there's always time for something to get done.  In this case, I got my first sheet of custom decals from Fallout Hobbies and tried them out.   The image I shared with Fallout Hobbies is readily available on the web - so all I needed was to provide some directions on the size and what not.

40K Blades of Vengeance Lieutenant WIP

Savvy readers will note that the chapter badge has a white sword, which is not correct.  This error was my fault and something I totally missed when reviewing the proofs. To save myself a lot of sword painting, I ordered a re-print with clear swords to correct this. Not a major issue at all. The folks at Fallout Hobbies have been responsive and great to work with. 

40k Blades of Vengeance Librarian

I advocate custom decals a lot and typically make my own for small projects.  In this case I recognized the my graphic arts skills were not up to task.  I tried one sheet on my own and just got frustrated trying to correct the size and manage the printing and sealing of the art for effective decals.  Given that I need these for a whole army, in various sizes, it was an easy decision to turn to the professionals.  I would recommend using Fallout Hobbies for your own custom decal needs.

40K Blades of Vengeance Characters WIP

While waiting for the new decal print run, I am looking for time to complete the characters I have on the painting table. This project goes on hold once DreadTober 2019 hits...

Cheers and Happy Gaming!