Tuesday, February 12, 2019

On the Workbench [February] - Blackstone Explorers and Titanicus

Blackstone Fortress Explorers WIP - assembled

Greetings.  I took a short break form Squaduary 2019 to assemble the explorers from the Blackstone Fortress game.  Several times I've wanted to try out the game, but without the models assembled, it just hasn't happened.  These models are push-fit and assemble easily. I used plastic cement regardless to ensure they stay together once painted.  Use some care when removing models from the sprue as there are some super tin bits that won't take much abuse, and you really won't want to cut the wrong thing either.  Be sure that what you are clipping is really a sprue gate!

I also found some time to assemble one of my boxes of Titanicus buildings.  These also got together very easily and were a pleasure to assemble.  It is truly creative how the pieces were made to be so very module and interchangeable. Here's one example.

Adeptus Titanicus Terrain WIP - Civitas building assembled

Straightforward and too the point.  Good cover and should provide a nice backdrop tot the game once painted up. I especially hope the look great on my new gaming mat for Titanicus.

Adeptus Titanicus gaming mat

The Titanicus battle field assets were assembled and primed as well.  These will get used in games and to dress up the building terrain.

Adeptus Titanicus battlefield assets WIP - assembled and primed

So, not a lot of model building this month, since the focus has been on my two support squads for the Squaduary 2019 challenge. But still some progress into the other hobby areas that I have been interested in.  It is a good practice to maintain some diversity in the hobby projects to keep things fresh and interesting, after all.

Next up will be Squaduary progress for week two.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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