Thursday, February 28, 2019

My pledge for #MonsterMarch3

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Well, those following my blog understand I like a good blogger challenge.  And having just finished up with Squaduary 2019, its now time for #MonsterMarch3!  Since I was looking at moving on to some Adeptus Titanicus work, I think I'll take the opportunity to tackle my first Warlord Titan for Legio Tempestus.  For those interested in the Legio Tempestus color scheme, check out my Reavers here.

I have both Warlord Titan kits so I'll have to decide which to build first for the challenge.  As cool as the claw looks, I expect both my warlords will bear shooty arms, similar to the GW stock model above.  Though, if the magnetization works out well, perhaps I'll build a claw for fun any way.  I'll have to see how the build goes.

For now, there is my pledge.  Expect regular updates as MonsterMarch3 gets underway.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Hi DAM!

    Thanks a lot for joining Monster March! I can't wait to see your magnificent Warlord Titan!


    1. I'm looking forward to it; thanks for hosting with such an open format.

  2. Sweet, I'll look forward to your progress shots - I'm sitting out as I have the larger Warlord to concentrate on ahead of June TOC UK Walk where it needs to be finished!

    1. I'm hoping to step up my game with the Tempestus livery on the warlord, based on what I learned doing the two reavers. Those walks look so awesome! I hope to one day complete my collection of House Taranis knights and take part in a US walk. No giant titans in my future...but lots of these little guys! :)