Friday, May 5, 2023

Dark Angels 40K Character WIP - Part 5


Dark Angels Characters WIP

Greetings and happy Cinco de Mayo!  More progress on the Dark Angels characters.  Here, we have the 5th Company Ancient standing with a recently completed Master Lazarus. So that's two models down of the six I started March with.  Slow progress?  Yes.  but I'm quite happy to have two more characters completed with more on the way.

Dark Angels 5th Company Ancient WIP

I had great fun with the banner here.  A few transfers, some fine tipped ink pens, and a lot of paint and tears went into completing this.  I chose to put the Lion's name on this banner as the 5th give honor to their recently returned Primarch. 

Dark Angels 5th Company Ancient WIP

This Ancient has even scrawled 'Lion' on his bolter.  They are super psyched to have The Lion back!

Dark Angels 5th Company Ancient WIP

Added a marksman's honor to along with a Veteran's mark on the right shoulder pad.

Dark Angels 5th Company Ancient WIP

Then, since this is an Ancient of the chapter, I added a Legion '1' over a red halo as an honor mark for this marine.  Becoming an Ancient is a great honor and I figured these marines would be highly decorated veterans. And that's that for the 5th Company Ancient!

Dark Angels Lieutenants WIP

With the Ancient complete, I started work on the two lieutenants. The marine on the left was recruited from the Blades of Vengeance.  The chest eagle got a repaint (Red to Ivory), and some shading has been added.  Then he was put aside so I could bring the other Lieutenant up to the same level. No, he's not there yet, but progress. :)

And so the project continues!  Next week I should have two completed Lieutenants if all goes well, leaving me a Tech marine and ultimately Chapter Master Azrael.  It's a great time to be a Dark Angels painter!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!