Friday, May 19, 2023

Dark Angels Azrael WIP


Dark Angels Chapter Master Azrael WIP

Not a lot to share today, other than Azrael has indeed fallen under the brush.  This week I worked primarily on the base and some additional base layers on Azrael's tabbard.

Dark Angels Chapter Master Azrael WIP

The watcher is complete along with the sword and bit of helm on the base.  The helm is oddly 30K Dark Angels - perhaps from a Fallen? Definite Mk. III vibes if you ask me.  SO that's how I painted it. I have some highlighting left on the black of the sheath, but otherwise we're good to go.  I didn't want to have to paint the base around Azrael and so completing it was a priority. Now I'll work on Azrael to a point that he can be glued down to the base without effecting any of the rest of the painting.

Dark Angels Chapter Master Azrael WIP

And let's have an unnecessary helm close up! Not sure why I took this, but there it is.  Blocked in some base colors and painted the eye lenses, purely because I was painting other characters' eye lenses at the time. Baby steps here, but I did have fun painting the base...

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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