Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Dark Angels 40K Character WIP - Part 7


Dark Angels Characters WIP
Now with more Techmarine!

Seems hard to believe; but in 25+ years or so of hobby in the 41st millennium, I've only now completed my first Techmarine model. Yay!  The Dark Angels have previously taken to the field with a naked metal or grey plastic mechanic.  But, no more.

Dark Angels Primaris Techmarine WIP

Now sure, amongst us grey beards it's a Primaris Techmarine, so maybe that doesn't even count. 😂 However, I have enjoyed the detail, posing and general aesthetic of most of the Primaris models, so that's where I'm putting my time these days. I know my first born lie sobbing in their foam but that's just how it is.

Dark Angels Primaris Techmarine WIP

I went with Dark Angels armor underfoot to compliment the left shoulder pad and drive home visually that this is a Dark Angels Techmarine.  Otherwise with the Mars red armor, it doesn't stand out.  I imagine he's stomping about trying to restore or recover such machines as can be saved, but that poor rhino will never ride again.

Dark Angels Primaris Techmarine WIP

There is a lot going on with this fella.  I especially like the cog power axe clearly able to repair or sunder in equal measure. As with the other characters, this marine was painted up using Monument Hobbies ProAcryl paint and GW shades.

Dark Angels Primaris Techmarine WIP

I almost left off the automated heavy bolter.  But you have to love the over-the-top-ridiculousness of 40K.  It must be super annoying to have this thing chugging away right next to your head, sound dampening helm, or no.  I guess with the hymns of the Omnissiah blasting it isn't so bad.  Just don't tap this guy on the shoulder to get his attention while he's laying down cover fire.  Could cost you your life along with a portion of the squad...

Dark Angels Primaris Techmarine WIP

So that's one Techmarine done, leaving me with Azrael.  These projects are always bigger in my mind than on the painting table.  I mean, I got through The Lion, in his pre-heresy glory right? I can paint one more leader dude in power armor! So why am I so nervous? Odd, that.

Anyway, when next I post there will be some progress on Azrael, Chapter Master of the Dark Angels.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. They are all looking amazing, mate. It is so good to see the Dark Angels getting some more love. I really need to paint a couple more for my modern list, the new Terminators are really calling to me :-)