Thursday, May 25, 2023

Dark Angels Azrael WIP - part 2


Dark Angels Chapter Master Azrael WIP

Sharing more progress on Azrael today. The head is basically complete and I'm back to working on the body. Progress here is slow but definitely coming together. I'm definitely taking my time with this model.

Dark Angels Chapter Master Azrael WIP

The helmeted head has come along well.  I'm waiting to attach it until the back banner is complete because it gets in the way of much of the detail on the banner. I don't need to see Azrael's mug so I'm not planning to magnetize the head for swapping about.  The helmeted head will do just fine here, I think.

Dark Angels Chapter Master Azrael WIP

I'm working on the various details currently. Here, the shoulder pad is completed, except for highlighting and the weapon is mostly complete, minus plasma effects. Both forearms have details yet to be painted. I did tinker with a bit of edge highlights around the front armor of the model.

Dark Angels Chapter Master Azrael WIP

The base of the sword is complete as is the right shoulder pad.  The sword will have some blue power sword effect added, and the should pad will have a decal and some text for the scroll. Otherwise, another forearm and lots of belt stuff to take care of. I tinkered with all the purity seals, but the still need text and highlighting. The the backpack and banner need to be completed. I continue to work with the model off the base, but he'll get glued down soon, once the stuff on the right side is complete so the Watcher won't be in the way.

Taking a break for a weekend trip but hope to get back to Azrael next week.  Progress will be made!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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