Thursday, July 26, 2018

WIP: Deathwatch Librarian w/Jump pack - Part 3

More progress on the Librarian to share.  He's coming together now. There is quite a bit of cleanup I'd like to do yet, but I'm working on not letting that hold me up. Never let perfect be the enemy of good, right? In this session, I attacked the arms, completing the plasma pistol and the power ax. I'm not sure I want to keep the crackling power effects on the ax blade.  Regular readers have seen me struggle and abort this effect before.  I want to keep practicing it until I get something I like, though, so here we are.

Most of the remaining details got some paint and I added highlights to the tabbard and scrolls.  Then I set to the head meaning to just rough it in.  But I was on a roll and instead shaded and began adding eyes, facial hair, etc..  I like how it is coming along.  I'm trying out some glowing blue psyker eyes balanced with the plasma coils on the pistol.  As I mentioned in the last article, I'm not aiming for significant OSL, just some visual clues that something other-worldly is going on with this guy.  He's not a human flashlight! :) I'm not convinced of the work yet, so it may change before I call this project done.

Here are a few shots of the model from various angles to illustrate the progress to this point.

The librarian is definitely starting to look good. I love how a painted face really brings a model like this to life.  It makes sense, of course, but it is still fun to see.

Here's a brighter shot of all the junk on this guy's front. I think these details are coming into their own now and starting to stand out individually. The picture is a bit washed, but still offers more than the darker picture above it, I think.

Here's the back side of the force ax.  I like the ax head in general, but I am still struggling with painting good sharp thin lines.  Here, I painted the lines first with the mid-tone, then again with slightly shorter lines using the lightest blue, and finally hit it up with GW White Scar in even shorter lines, plus highlights of the highest points on the blade head. The metallic colors have not yet been highlighted.

A hidden laurel on the jump pack got some love.I have done nothing else with the jump pack so far.  I plan to paint up the jets in the same way I painted the Watch Captain.

I experimented with highlighting the blue on the shoulder panel as GW and many other typically do.  I have always stuck with simple edge highlights on the rims of the pads prior and not tried this extra step of highlighting inside the rim. Nuln Oil was carefully painted around the inside of the rim with a fine detail brush.  The the thin light blue line was carefully painted in (and touched up several times!).

The plasma pistol is pretty stock at this point, painted in my typical style. I feel it is a matter of taste, but I prefer to paint in the suggestion of the glowing coils without going full out OSL.  It can be distracting if not done well. I completed the holster as well using the Dark Angel's recipe I recently painted on my Primaris Hellblasters unit for Squaduary 2018.

I'm pleased with how much progress I managed in only two painting sessions.  I have been working on developing a faster pace without massing things up.  I have ALOT to paint and would like to see more and more progress as time and life allow.

Next up, it will be time to complete the jump pack and the rest of the black armor.  So lots of edge highlighting for me! I think I'm starting to get into a grove there at this point, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. Also, there is detail on the cloak to paint in and then the base gets some love.  Along the way I'll clean up some things and complete the head/face as well.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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