Thursday, March 1, 2018

Squaduary 2018: Week 4 - TO DONE

Squaduary 2018 graphic

Dark Angels Hellblasters WIP Title

It's time to put the brushes down. Squaduary 2018 has come to a close.  Week four had some personal challenges for me, but I was able to complete the squad none-the-less.  Most of the week was spent with all the edge highlighting for the armor and weapons.  Sticking with the stock paint scheme from GW, an edge highlight of GW Warpstone Glow was laid down on all the hard edges of the armor first, followed by a fine edge highlight of GW Moot Green.

Dark Angels Hellblasters WIP first armor highlights
Warpstone highlights complete
The Moot didn't go over all the same edges, just the high points I felt should stand out as catching the most light. I also added a second edge highlight of GW Wild Rider Red to the casings of the plasma weapons. Then some Vallejo Steel (71.065) highlights were painted on the weapons and backpacks.  Some other details, such as the purity seals, were touched up as well.  Here is the squad just prior to getting a seal coat of Model Master Lusterless (Flat) lacquer.

Dark Angels Hellblasters WIP final highlights
Final highlights complete
I'm very happy with how this squad turned out and proud to add it to my Dark Angels collection.  It raises the bar significantly on the two tactical squads and Master that I've already painted, but that is a good thing.  Looking the older squads over, I think I can get away with adding careful shading and some edge highlighting to bring them up to speed.  But that'll be a project for another time. Here is the completed squad in the light box, after the lacquer dried.

Dark Angels Hellblasters - front

Dark Angels Hellblasters - back

The decals blended in with the paint work perfectly, as I'd hoped.  No sign that they aren't paint.  I credit that to the use of Micro Sol after the decals were fixed on using Micro Set.  Micro Sol does work and should be a part of any decal project, in my opinion.  True story; I've been using the same pair of bottles for the bulk of my hobby career so far, roughly 25 years now.  Still works as good now as it did when I first applied it in the mid 90's.  Unlike my paint pots, I have so far never knocked the bottle over while using it...

SO, this project gets the 40kaddict seal of DONE and completes one of my 2017/18 hobby season to-do list items.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Great work! Going to be starting on my own DA primaris marines soon, so this is a great guide.

    1. Thank you! I'll look forward to seeing your results. I hope to have a few more DA units appear here as the rest of the hobby season unfolds. I've had a form of "writer's block" when it came to painting Dark Angels which I hope is now dispelled.