Friday, September 1, 2017

My 2017-2018 Hobby Season To Do List

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It is time to post my 2017/18 Hobby Season to Do list and kick off the new season.  This season I'm officially catching on to the coat tails of 40kaddict and joining in the hobby season fun. My 2016/17 hobby season was inspired by this approach but I had not officially declared as part of the community effort.  No so this year! :)

[UPDATED: 03/01/2018]

My To Do List for the 2017/18 season:

Adeptus Custodes
  • Custodian Shield Captain w/sword and shield - DONE
  • Custodian Guard (Vexilla w/shield) - DONE
  • Custodian Guard (3-man sword squad) - DONE
  • Custodian Guard (5-man halberd squad)
  • Custodian Venerable Contemptor Dreadnought - DONE
Dark Angels
  • 10 model Hellblasters squad - DONE
  • Dark Angels Primaris Lieutenant
  • 3 characters (at least 2 should be HQ) - 1 DONE
  • 5 model kill team
  • 5 model kill team
  • 2 terminators
  • 5 vanguard veterans
  • 3 bikes
  • 2 transports
Grey Knights
  • 5 Characters (at least 2 should be HQ) - 2 HQ DONE
  • 10 model Terminator squad
  • 10 model Strike squad
  • 5 model Purifier squad
  • 5 model Interceptor squad
  • 2 Dreadknights
  • 2 transports
Imperial Guard
  • Complete Death Korps of Krieg Baneblade
Shadow Wars: Armageddon
  • Complete the 29th Zetic Tigers
  • Orks
  • Mount and prime sector mechanicus terrain (6 tiles)
Items in italics are given priority.  Bonus items listed below are reserved for those distractions that get completed despite the list.

  • 4 Assassins (already built and primed)
  • Chaos models from Execution Force boxed game (already built and primed)

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Nice to see such a long list of stuff to work on! Fingers crossed you're able to keep focused on these, which is always my own problem!

    1. Ha, thanks! Never an issue coming up with a list to work on...more of an issue sticking to it as you with Ad Mech coming on with a new codex and the pile of boxed/unbuilt kit on my shelves already just waiting for it...

    2. Not that I've got any of the models, but I'm sorely tempted by admech too, trying very hard to resist and to focus on getting my next two army projects sorted first - Tau and Genestealer Cult.