Thursday, August 31, 2017

Grey Knights Characters

Heading into the new hobby season, I wanted to share pics of the Grey Knight characters that will likely kick off my to do list. I have built these over the last couple weeks on-and-off but didn't have the pics to post up on the August workbench article.  Rather than update that article, I decided to dedicate a new article to these new models in my collection.

Grand Master Voldus is the most straight forward as I built him stock and simply added him to one of my home-made cork bases instead of the plain GW base he ships with. A daemon skull for interest and he was done.

Grand Master Voldus WIP

The Brother Captain is perhaps a bit more interesting.  Like the Chaplain, this model uses Grey Knight terminator arms and ornaments on a non-Grey Knight Space Marine Terminator Captain.  I used the Deathwatch terminator captain model in this case, but I expect the sprue is the same as the generic Space Marine terminator captain.  I am simply adding the Deathwatch sprue to my bitz box.  I removed the portion of cape from the generic left terminator arm and set aside the right terminator arm as well.  They will both go into the bitz box for some future endeavor.  I then glued the two main halves together and added the piece of removed cape.

Then it was only a matter of selecting new arms from my Grey Knight terminator bitz and agonizing over a decent pose based on the bitz I could manage.  I'm pretty happy with the result, if not over-joyed.  I happened to have a librarian head the seemed to work great for a grizzled veteran Captain, I added some Grey Knight bling to round things out and convince the eye that this was not just the generic terminator captain model. Some green stuff was used to attach the arms as these Grey Knight arms never seem to sit well in the poses I want.  Here is the result.

Grey Knights Brother Captain WIP - Front

Grey Knights Brother Captain WIP - Back

The next character is a Brotherhood Champion.  This is more or less a stock terminator with an iron halo attached and mounted on another cork base.

Grey Knights Brotherhood Champion WIP - Front

Grey Knights Brotherhood Champion WIP - Back

The last I have to share is the Brotherhood Ancient.  I blinged him out as a Paladin, but I reckon he'd serve as a standard Ancient as well.  There is no difference in power level between the two anyway, which I expect to use mostly when playing.  This model is also pretty much stock. Somehow, I am just now realizing that I put the same reliquary bit on the top of the Brother Captain...may need to nip that off and replace it for some variety.  The reliquary on the banner is significant as the bones of someone important to the Brotherhood.

Grey Knights Brotherhood Ancient WIP- Front

Grey Knights Brotherhood Ancient WIP - Back

Added with the Chaplain, this gives me some fun new characters to paint and field.  The Grey Knight project in general should provide a good diversion from the black of the Deathwatch (oh the endless edge highlighting...) and allow me to hopefully carry on a pace without growing bored with either. At some point will come the Dreadknights, dreadnoughts, transports, and other large models.  I have all of this built and primed so it won't be too much work to crack on with them.

2017/18 will bring much fun and many opportunities to ply the brushes and not only the glue...

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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