Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Results from the 2016/17 Hobby Season

As I align my own hobby work with 40KAddict's hobby season, it's time to reflect on what I got done since September of 2016. My hobby ToDo list was intentionally long and filled more with opportunity than direct goals and I had no intent of knocking off the whole list.  For the 2017/18 season, I am thinking of modifying that approach...but that's a tale for another post.

What got accomplished in 2016/17?

My Deathwatch force started to take shape:

I participated in Dreadtober 2016 as the Deathwatch work continued:

Then it was on to Squaduary 2017 and the Deathwatch caught more paint:

I completed some scatter terrain:

And some Munitorum containers:

Munitorum Armored Containers Red

Munitorum Armored Containers Blue

Munitorum Armored Containers Yellow

And dabbled with a unit of the Emperor's praetorians:

Custodian Guard WIP

And dabbled with Shadow Wars: Armageddon:

 Sector Mechanicus Terrain Crane and Haulers

Sector Mechanicus Terrain WIP

Space Marine Scouts

Astra Militarum Death Korps of Krieg

Deathskull Ork

Deathskulls Orks


29th Zetic Tigers

And made some beats lab improvements:

Nail Polish Display converted.

Detolf display case with extra glass shelves

Detolf display case with extra glass shelves

And finally, the Grey Knights landed...

Grey Knight Chaplain WIP

That's quite a season of hobby for me! Some solid progress here and there; some flights of fancy as well along the way.  I am very happy where I got my terrain to and I have already enjoyed a few Shadow Wars and 8th ed. 40K games on it.  Some Deathwatch progress, but lots more to do.  And a good deal of Grey Knight enthusiasm as I head into the new hobby season. And these are just the highlights I culled from past blog posts. There were other bits here and there as well that got done for which I have no pictures (lots more deathwatch were built and primed. the new 8th ed. 40K objective markers set got built, etc...).

For the next season I'd like to continue exploring and honing my painting skills.  It is all to easy for me to fall back on building models, which I love, instead of buckling down and getting on with the painting of it all.I will look for new events like Squaduary and Dreadtober for incentive to complete quality projects and will kick myself to fit in a few more on my own initiative. I expect to make more progress on the Deathwatch and to turn up the heat on my Grey Knights.  I'm even setting a goal to paint at least one of my currently unpainted squads of Dark Angels, possibly including a transport.

It's going to be a fun and busy season. Best of luck for your own projects and ambitions.

Cheers and Happy Gaming! 


  1. Awesome stuff! Would be great to see more Deathwatch stuff in the future.

    1. Thanks, Mike. More Deathwatch painting will definitely be incoming!