Tuesday, August 1, 2017

WIP: More 29th Zetic Tigers

After another session, the kill team is coming along pretty well. First some edge highlights for the black armor...

Shadow Wars: Armageddon Kill Team

Man do I still need A LOT of practice with this kind of brush work. I mean the principle seems easy enough...draw the edge of the brush along the raised edges...but then there is the reality of managing flex and splay in the bristles and that crazy tip that seems to lash about like some chaos spawned tentacle. I had to abandon my Broken Toad brushes and return to the faithful Winston-Newton for this work. Better control and better results but even still...<sigh>

Highlights done, I treated myself to some detail work using the plasma marine as my test model before attacking the squad.

Shadow Wars: Armageddon Kill Team

Getting there.  The company insignia on the left knee is crap...it was actually almost there, then I ruined it in a fit of perfectionist passion with the black as I tried to clean up the triangle on the yellow field. I'll practice more on something else, then go back and redo it before attacking the rest of the kill team.

I liked how the lenses and screens came out though, so I applied this detail to the rest of the team and cleaned up some of the highlights on the black.  Oh, and I realized when taking the close up above that I forgot to drill out the plasmagun.  So that had to get done as well...

Shadow Wars: Armageddon Kill Team

So still some slow going, but progress is definitely happening.  I'll get one more session this week, then I'm done for a bit while I head out with my family for vacation.  I'm still loving the scion models, but my ambition is out-stripping my skills still at this point.  I'll keep at it and see where they end up.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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