Monday, July 31, 2017

WIP: 29th Zetic Tigers

A quick upate post today to share progress on the Shadow Wars: Armageddon Astra Militarum Kill team I introduced earlier in the month.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to work on the excellent Militarum Tempestus models.  There is a great deal of detail to paint, and I admit to hitting a bit of a "painter's block" if such a thing truly exists.   I have taken a little time off to look at my Deathwatch force in the context of the WH40K 8th edition rules. This will prepare me for some new Deathwatch painting projects once I finish the 29th Zetic Tigers.

But then I read today that a Grey Knights 8th edition codex may be coming in we'll see.  I hesitate to get too committed to specific Deathwatch miniatures before I see the real codex. As it is, I converted a Deathwatch Flesh Tearers veteran with shotgun to a Deathwatch Salamander veteran with combi-melta to bulk out a combi-melta kill team for anti-armour/large model control.  But this was to be a post about the Zetic Tigers, so I digress.

Here's the state of the kill team after gold details were applied:

Not shown above, I also got the edge highlighting done on the black armor.  I experimented with the screens on the armor, eye lenses, and armor camera lenses using the plasma scion.  I don't have a picture yet, so I'll show that off in a follow-up post as the progress continue. In keeping with the codex art, I chose yellow for the screens and lenses.  I used layers of GW Casandora Yellow shade over a base coat of Vallejo white.  I then followed up with white highlights and an additional coat of yellow shade in an attempt to build up transitions that hopefully add interest to these areas.

I hope to drop one more post on the Zetic Tigers before I take a break to head out on a family vacation. This should likely go unnoticed here since I only post a few times-per-month anyway.

I hope the summer is passing well for you.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!