Thursday, September 21, 2017

Watch Master to Done!

Deathwatch Watch Master Amiel close-up front

Last night it was time to put the brushes down and call the Deathwatch Watch Master done.  I see lots of more highlighting and fine tuning to be done, but he's already at a level well beyond good enough for the table top and certainly respectable for my collection at large. He's not entering into the Crystal Brush after all, and so it was that I decided not to let perfect be the enemy of good in this case.  I have many more projects for the year to get done!

After much consideration, I chose his background to be with the Dark Angels and named him Watch Master Amiel.  The Dark Angels have been my long time 40K army passion in the fluff if not always on the table top.  I have collected their model line since 3rd edition, when I dumped the unpredictable Orks of 2nd edition for something more...well predictable!

Here is a brief showcase of the finished Watch Master Amiel!

Deathwatch Watch Master Amiel front

Deathwatch Watch Master Amiel left side

Deathwatch Watch Master Amiel back

Deathwatch Watch Master Amiel right side

Still loving how the signature silver Deathwatch arm came out. But perhaps I am too easily amused...

Deathwatch Watch Master Amiel close-up left side

A little pen work with a very fine marker to ink the name in.  I don't love it. But after a few tries, I was going to have to live with it or strip the scroll and start over for fear of building up a ridiculous amount of paint on there! :) It is totally better than ANYTHING I was going to free hand.  I am no 2D artist...more a 3D paint-by-numbers type. I was very pleased with the decal which came from the large 8.5" x 11" decal sheet GW produced for the Dark Angels.  I'm not sure if it is still in print. This became a bit of a hunt while choosing chapters.  I wasn't going to try to freehand such a small icon, ans the space on the pauldron there is quite small for standard shoulder pad decals.

Deathwatch Watch Master Amiel close-up right side

So that's it.  My first completion for the 2017/18 Hobby Season..  I'm calling him DONE.

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I'd love to hear any feedback you'd care to share, good and bad! Drop a note in the comments below.

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  1. He looks fantastic! My only suggestion would be with regard to the scroll - I find that a dark brown is the ideal colour for text. If you're worried about the freehand aspect then perhaps try adding a little agrax earthshade wash carefully over the wording, it should darken it a little and any overspill would just add a little shading to the scroll itself.

    1. Great suggestion! My darker brown pen has a slightly larger tip and I was too timid to try it out...I agree that the lighter brown doesn't quite set a realistic tone. I dragged Agrax across the center of the scroll, end-to-end, to shade it overall, but hadn't thought to attempt specifically darkening the text with it. Hmmm... Should I work up the courage to make improvements there, I'll be sure to post up the results.

  2. Very nice work Dave! I like the basing in particular, really gives him a bit more height and makes him stand out.
    Looking forward to the rest of the force!

    1. Thanks so much! I fell on the cork basing trend a couple years features exclusively in my Grey Knights as will become apparent this hobby season. It is such a simple hack and does provide interest and height as you say.