Friday, March 30, 2018

WIP: Custodes Shield-Captain w/Ax - Part 2

Adeptus Custodes Shield-Captain WIP

The Custodian Warden-based Shield-Captain is coming along well. In this article I'll describe the work that brought him to this stage.  He's very close to being mounted on his base at this point and I hope you agree his stature as a member of the Adeptus Custodes is starting to come through.

Adeptus Custodes Shield-Captain WIP face and head

First, the head got a couple of thin coats with GW Kislev Flesh.  This was then shaded with GW Reikland Fleshshade. The hair was based with GW Rhinox Hide. The lips were shaded with GW Carroburg Crimson.  These steps brought the head to a decent starting point.  The Shield-Captain's age and expression now come to the fore.

Adeptus Custodes Shield-Captain WIP face and head

The leather work got painted following my the recipe of GW Doombull Brown shaded with GW Agrax Earthshade and highlighted with GW Wazdakka Red.  The silver/gray components of the armor were painted with Vallejo Oily Steel (70.865) shaded with GW Nuln Oil and highlighted with Vallejo Air Steel (71.065). I also noticed during all this that I missed painting some of the armor joints under the arms, so that got corrected. Next up, the cloak and skirt got some more attention.

Adeptus Custodes Shield-Captain WIP back

In the closeup above, the highlights on the back of the skirt are clear. A careful highlight of  GW Evil Sunz Scarlet was applied along with some layers of GW Mephiston red where needed to correct mistakes and soften the effect of the Agrax in places. All of this work on the back will be covered by the cloak, of course, but I'll know it's there. :) That is the perfectionist in me, I guess.  I just cannot leave all this great detail unpainted even when it is hidden! The vents were dry brushed with a bit of the Oily Steel while I was painting other metal bitz and then shaded with Nuln Oil as well.

Adeptus Custodes Shield-Captain WIP front

Then the cloak was glued on at last, using Testors plastic cement. At some point during all this, I recognized that I had forgot to drill out the bolter barrel on the ax.  So that had to happen, and the interior of the barrel was then painted with GW Chaos black.

The blue gems were painted with Vallejo Silver, then with a generous dollop of GW Soulstone Blue. The dagger was highlighted with a little Vallejo Silver as well. P3 Sanguine Base was painted on the grip of the dagger and the ax then shaded with Agrax Earthshade. This will later get a highlight of Sanguine Highlight. The dagger hilt was also cleaned up with Vallejo Brass and shaded with the Agrax Earthshade as well. Perhaps not so visible in the pictures, the armor received an initial Vallejo Brass highlight.  A pass of Vallejo Gold and a pass of Vallejo Old Gold highlights are yet to come in the next session.

I'm very pleased with the progress so far.  It felt good to get just enough paint on the head to start bringing the figure to life. I hope you have been enjoying this series of character works-in-progress so far.  As always, comments are welcome.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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