Thursday, July 19, 2018

Armiger Warglaives from House Taranis - TO DONE

House Taranis Armiger Warglaives

It's time to call the Warglaives of House Tarnis DONE. Since my last post, I was able to complete enough of the highlights to bring the second Warglaive to the same level of details as the first.  They now stand united in service to House Taranis.  There is more that could be done, for certain, but I need to move on to other projects.  These two are well beyond tabletop quality already and look very cool on the field.

Here is a set of gallery shots showing the final work on the second Warglaive. The model has been sealed with Model Masters Lusterless Flat Lacquer. The top light is a bit harsh in these shots, washing out some of the highlights and detail at the top.

House Taranis Armiger Warglaive front

House Taranis Armiger Warglaive left

House Taranis Armiger Warglaive back

House Taranis Armiger Warglaive right

Here the mighty war machines walk together.

House Taranis Armiger Warglaives

I'm very pleased by the consistent results.  Now if I can just keep up the work with two Helverins and the five big knights I am adding to the House! I'm proud to put a big seal of DONE on the project at this point.

There will be much more to come from House Taranis.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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