Friday, September 15, 2023

Ravenwing Chaplain and ATV WIP - Part 1


Dark Angels Ravenwing WIP

Lots of bits to paint!  Greetings and welcome back.  I'm putting paint on the Invader ATV and Chaplain for the Ravenwing portion of my primaris Dark Angels collection this week. I held off posting earlier this week because, well, there just isn't much to share at this stage.  Lots of bits getting a little paint...pretty standard fare for the hobby.  Just base coats and shades getting laid down at this point.

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Invader ATV WIP

I attended to the Ravenwing details first; then some gun casings and a few steel/metal bits. Then I painted the tires with Vallejo Dark Rubber and applied a generous coat of GW Nuln Oil. I will go into the ATV cockpit and get all the details painted next so I can assemble the front.

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Chaplain on Bike WIP

Pretty much the same drill with the Chaplain with the exception of some gold details added there.  To make the exhaust pipes stand out as different from other metals, I chose a Vallejo Oily Steel shaded with GW Seraphim Sepia.  Over the weekend, I should get things far enough along that I can assemble the models.  At that point I'll look at the rest of the details and begin highlighting.

So, short post for today.  More to show for certain next week! Just two more weeks to get these models TO DONE and off the painting table so I can get to work on my DreadTober 2023 project, a perennial favorite here at 262Krieg. 

Best of luck with your projects this week.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Those metals on the caplain are really tasty! They stand out really well against the flat black. What do you use for the gold?

    1. Thanks! I am using Vallejo Model Air Gold (71.066) as a base then painting a second coat over that with Vallejo Model Color Old Gold (70.878). That second coat goes on the high points leaving some of the Gold in the recesses. So thicker than a highlight. The Gold is thin and from the brush will leave a bit of the primer black showing through. SO I'm using the Old Gold like a second thin coat, leaving some primer/Gold dark in the recesses so it's like a highlight, just much thicker than an edge highlight or dry brush coat would be.

      I like the Vallejo metallics because they always seem to over something unique when compared to other brands. My second favorite right now is Pro Acryl form Monument Hobbies, but Vallejo has some colors that are still unique form the rest. I love the Vallejo Model Color Oily Steel (70.865), for instance and the Model Air Steel (71.065).

    2. Cheers! I'll have to look into those golds. As of now, I only worked with one of Vallejo's air brush metal colours. I also like the lustre of Vallajo's liquid gold but it is a bit of a hassle since the paint is alocohol based...

    3. I will say that these Vallejo golds separate easily (I assume it's the heavier metal content?) and can be a bit fussy at times, but if you're accustomed to 'two thin coats' it's no big thing. Definitely takes a couple coats to get good coverage.

  2. Great recipe on the gold DAM, very shiney, as the chaplain is accompanying Ravenwing, will he be predominately black or having a lot of his details picked out ? gold rims on his shoulder pads could really make him pop.

    1. Thanks. I was planning gold trim for the armor in general, so yes, the shoulder pads too! He will otherwise b black with a bone colored skull helmet.