Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Ravenwing Chaplain and ATV WIP - Part 2


Dark Angels Ravenwing WIP

Progress!  Welcome back.  Today I'm sharing more progress on the Ravenwing filler project I took on to bide time until DreadTober kicks off.  The project is going well and I'm pleased with the results so far.

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Invader ATV WIP

The Invader ATV is the farthest along.  The driver and steering console is now glued in.  The gunner and guns are dry fitted only.  Due to the easy-build nature of these models the pegs hold things just fine, at least as long as they last.  I'll no doubt have to glue the gunner in one day when the feet pegs break off.

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Invader ATV WIP

I did my best to take a light hand with the armor highlights. I'm getting better with thin highlights here, which is cool.  I'm continuing with a color scheme I settled on with earlier projects.  I think if I had it to do over, I might have gone with blue-black rather than grey highlights.  But I don't hate these results.

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Invader ATV WIP
Most details are complete, such as the gunner's pistol holster.  I used brown and black shades on the back deck to give a worn but not totally rusted look...this is an Astartes vehicle after all, and well looked after for all that.
Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Invader ATV WIP

I haven't settled on how I want to highlight/weather the tires.  I think I punted on this with my first Primaris Outrider squad as well. 😂 I have yet to lay down the red highlights among a few other bits and bobs.  But this model is very close to done.

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Chaplain on Bike WIP

So, on to the Chaplain. This models almost paints itself.  The details are plentiful and sharp - easy to set a brush to. At this point, enough of the model was completed to glue down the legs and upper torso. Up to this point, these parts were painted as sub-assemblies. I want to spend some time on the head - a Chaplains skull helmet is a focus point on the model after all - so it's the least advanced at this point.

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Chaplain on Bike WIP

I put time in on the book most recently.  Rather than some fancy collector's edition, I wanted this book to be more utilitarian. A well worn dictionary or daily cookbook of the 2nd company. So I've gone with a plain leather binding and leather book mark.  I have some more weathering to do to advance the worn look.  I like how things are turning out though, esp. with the chains securing the book to the bike. At the risk of sounding pedantic, I might have secured the book with the spine facing forward if I wasrhis Chaplain. Much less drag and wear and tear on the book when it isn't scooping all the wind. 😁

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Chaplain on Bike WIP

Things show up will in profile here.  I'll get the Ravenwing transfers applied soon and that will reinforce the Ravenwing heraldry. Lots of details to go here, but he's starting to come to life.

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Chaplain on Bike WIP

Oh boy...that mace/Crozius! That has to be a real problem to bike with. :) Thank goodness for Astartes strength. One could imagine the wind whipping that thing away in an instant while barreling down on the foe. Aaaany way.  It looks just fine with it's recent coat of paint. I'll put some final highlights on it at some point.

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Chaplain on Bike WIP

So almost through and plenty of month left to complete what's left. This is a very characterful model and a pleasure to work with.  I hope my sharing it will inspire your own projects. Should have fairly complete models for the next post.  Check back later to see how they come out. 

Cheers and Happy gaming!


  1. Coming along nicely!
    I have to agree on you point with the crozius on the bike! And to add to that there even is a loop you could use to not loose it in case it slipped. But of course the Chaplain does not have to use that!

    1. Thanks! Yes, at least the Adeptus Mechanicus had the foresight to add the tether; even if it doesn't see much use in the field...