Thursday, September 27, 2018

WIP: Questoris Mechanicus Knight Paladin of House Taranis - Part 5

The finish line is in sight for Custos Martis and its pilot Sir Theobald.  Much work has gone into the arms to bring them up to spec with the rest of the model so far.

I started by cleaning up the blade and completing the details.  I'm going to change my washing/shading strategy for the red moving forward.  At present, I ruin the base coat with Nuln Oil then spend an inordinate amount of time building up the red again so it isn't all murky.  I like the result, but it's costing me way too much time and effort, and seriously degrades the whole purpose of using the air brush for smooth base coats in the first place.

Next, I blocked n the remaining colors, cleaning up red over spray on the weapon itself and what-not.

Then it was on to the highlighting.  I used GW Evil Sunz Scarlet, followed by a thinner highlight of GW Wildrider Red.  The Black was highlighted by Vallejo Game Color Wolf Grey (72.047).  The rest of the red over spray was cleaned up on the arms and pistons.  Next, I painted the purity seals and touched up anything that might be hard to get to when the arm was attached to the torso. Because, next up, that is exactly what I did.

Things are looking sharp now.  It felt good to finally attach the arm and the shoulder armor.  They have been rattling around separately in the beats lab for so long, it seems. Next, the battle cannon got the same treatment. and was likewise attached to the upper torso, along with the right should armor.

At this point, the pose is complete and the model is fully assembled and painted to a good standard. Next up I'll go over the shoulders and arms again to look at final highlights and touch ups.  I think I'll use the kill marking decals on the battle cannon and add some heat effects to the barrel as well.

Last up will be the base.  Let's not forget the base.  It has gone largely ignored to this point. I have another night or two that I can put in this week, then this guy has to be done as I move into DreadTober. So I need to make them count! Stay tuned for the what I hope will be the final post for this Project and my first large seal of DONE for the 2018/19 Hobby Season.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Looking sharp, nice red tones and heat staining will look good on the BattleCannon

    1. Thank you, sir! I got the kill markings on the barrel last night and was just about to start on the heat staining when I got distracted by the base. Look for a post on that next...