Tuesday, September 18, 2018

WIP: Questoris Mechanicus Knight Paladin of House Taranis - Part 4

Custos Martis ("Guardian of Mars") edges closer to completion. The upper carapace has been highlighted and decals initially applied.  I'm looking at a couple smaller decals to add for details, but the major iconography is applied.  I also got the shoulder armor heraldry completed.  I will come back in with a brush to complete and touch up the black crenelations.

These shots were taken right after I finished with the decals.  I'll come back with some matte varnish to seal the decals and blend them in with the rest of the paintwork.  I like to make a couple passes with Micro Sol to remove as much of the decal film as possible and soften the decals over any imperfections.  This prevents the decal from looking like a thin sticker on top of the paint work when viewed at various angles.  If you do ANY decal work, you must get a hold of Micros Set and Micro Sol from Microscale Industries, inc..  I have been using the same two bottles since the mid 90's, no joke. 

The house heraldry was applied to the shield as well after it was highlighted, along with the armor over the head. With these steps complete, the final details and remaining highlights will be painted in and all touch ups completed.  Then its on to the arms as I head for the home stretch on this project.  I very much need to get this fella completed before DreadTober, which is right around the corner.

Thanks for following along.  I hope your own projects are meeting with success.

Cheers and Happy Painting!

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