Wednesday, September 12, 2018

On the Workbench [September] - Inquisitor Eisenhorn and Cherubael

As a bonus workbench project for September, I secured a Cherubael model to from Artel "W" Miniatures to go with my Eisenhorn model.  When I saw that Eisenhorn's rules allowed for him to summon a demonhost, I knew I needed to paint one up to go along side.  After trawling eBay, I managed to get ahold of an old daemonhost to use.  But I wanted Cherubael...after all Eisenhorn isn't summoning just any old daemonhost.  He commands a very specific deamonhost: Cherubael!

The model from Artel "W" is the right beast, no doubt.  Right away, I was impressed with the packaging.  I really hoped this wasn't a smoke screen to shift focus from a sub-par model.  I was not disappointed.  The Cherubael sculpt is well cast and VERY detailed.  It was a bit fiddly to assemble, to be fair, but quite satisfying for any extra care required.

First up, here is Inquisitor Eisenhorn after being assembled and mounted for painting.

I added a bit of my custom ballast/ground cover to add some interest around where the resin met the base.  This removed the obvious void around the sculpted part of the base.  If you've read any of the Eisenhorn Black Library material, then you can judge Cherubael for yourself.

The chains didn't seem to hang quite right so I took a heat gun to them...

There, that's much better.  More motion, more natural shape as the beast thrashes about in his bindings.  More custom ground cover completed the base to tie it all together.  With more patience, I would have worked on some sort of stone/metal cell floor so the chains made more sense being anchored down.  But let's face it...we're painting models of daemons, it shouldn't be so odd that he appears shackled to bare ground.

I'm looking forward to painting these two.  I suspect I won't get to them for a while though.  I'm dedicating most of September to finishing my House Taranis Questoris Knight Paladin and then we'll be into DreadTober.  So look for these guys hitting the painting table in November at the earliest.

Are you working on anything purely for the hobby love?  If so, let me know in the comments.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! They have captured the artwork quite well, in my opinion. I doubt the pair will ever see the tabletop, but who knows?

  2. Nice! I've got Eisenhorn sitting around as well, waiting for some time when I really feel the need for a bit of a change-up. I'm probably just going to convert a Cherubael, but that is a fantastic Model for it. Especially after your extra tweaks to the chains. Also, given that it can actually move around and stuff, I figure that chain going into the ground isn't actually a physical chain as such, but a manifestation of some part of the binding ritual, and probably only really stops it if it tries to go somewhere/do something Eisenhorn doesn't want.

    1. Ha, good call on the "manifestation of some part of the binding ritual" thing. I concur!