Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Ravenwing Chaplain and ATV WIP - TO DONE


Dark Angels Ravenwing WIP
Well, the lacquer is on and the brushes are down.  Over the weekend I finished up enough to call these models done for September. I've said this before, but it's easy to obsess with these models given the details and really lavish the love on them.  I have many, many projects to go though, with new models coming out all the time, and time running out to ever complete them all.  So these lads will hit the display case with their brethren to make way for DreadTober. 

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Chaplain on Bike

This is my favorite of the bike/ATV models by far.  Lots of detail and very easy to bring into the Ravenwing as though it had always been designed for it. I'm super happy with the results here.  It's a pretty stock paint job, to be sure, but I like how it turned out.

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Chaplain on Bike

This Chaplain is now a favorite among my Dark Angels characters.

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Invader ATV

Now the Mario cart/ATV has not been a favorite out there and I was not impressed when it first came out.  But after getting passed the initial impression, I have learned to accept it as a basic replacement to the attack bike, which honestly was an odd duck too.

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Invader ATV

After putting some paint in it, I even came to enjoy the model, if I'm being honest.  There is something quintessentially 40K about these crazy war machines and over-the-top weapons. I dunno; I guess I just like it!  What I don't like is how the wood glue grabbed such a firm hold on the top of the large base that it warped it as it dried.  I didn't notice until the next day when it has fully dried and the worst already don.  

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Invader ATV

It's a minor thing and doesn't show from this side. next time I'll thin the glue down some rather than baste in on undiluted. I typically don't water the glue down and forgot that this warping can be a thing.  Another bummer was forgetting to use more decal solvent on the vehicle number transfers.  I think I did them last and forgot to finish the whole process...the solvent reduces the film around the image so you get that painted on look.  Here, you can still see the whole square of the decal film around the number '2' on each side of the ATV. If you compare with the Indomitus campaign badge on the front of the ATV, (above), you'll see the difference. Not film visible around the badge, or the Ravenwing icons on the shoulders, etc.

I didn't notice until the lacquer was on and there was no option to reduce the film further. Ah well. :)\

Dark Angels Ravenwing Primaris Invader ATV

The first TO DONE of the season, so that's something.

Check back later in the week if you like stompy dreadnoughts! I'm planning to paint the new Ballistus dreadnought from Leviathan in Dark Angels 9th Company colors. Another year, another DREADTOBER!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Beautiful models! I did not know that warping the base like this could be a problem. I will have to take care when I do mine in the future!

    1. Thank you! I have not had it happen before, so I'm speculating. I know I laid down the wood glue pretty heavy this time around and its a big base, bigger that I usually work with like this. Normally I would be putting down cork or other materials too and I tend to just use a few lines of glue when I do that, I don't cover the whole base with a think layer of glue. I'm guessing white glue wouldn't have done it - but the wood glue is thicker and perhaps shrinks more when it dries. The base was definitely flat when I started.