Friday, December 31, 2021

Kill Team Christmas Challenge - part 1


Kill Team Veteran Guardsmen Death Korps of Krieg WIP

The folks over at Goonhammer have sponsored a Kill Team Christmas Challenge, and I simply can't pass up a community painting challenge!  So I brought out the Veteran Guardsmen kill team from Octarius that I had earlier assembled. It is finally time for 262krieg to paint up some Death Korps of Krieg miniatures.

Kill Team Veteran Guardsmen Death Korps of Krieg WIP

Not a ton of progress so far.  It has been good fun looking over the original formula, digging out the old paints and doing my best to recreate the process and the colors of my original Krieg minis.  And so far, so good!  Gotta love dropper bottles.  I've had these Vallejo colors a long time now and they are still usable. At the end, I'll post a comparison pic with the old an new minis together.

Kill Team Veteran Guardsmen Death Korps of Krieg WIP

The main change to the paint scheme was to use Vallejo Surface Primer Gray for the primer coat rather than going straight to Uniform Grey from The Army Painter.  While it takes longer, I chose to paint the great coats by brush this time around.

The challenge runs to February first, which is great since I'll then switch to Squaduary 2022, even if it is a private challenge again, as it was this year. Check back next week for more progress.  I expect to finish well before the end of January if all goes well.  I'm also contemplating popping these guys off their stock bases and putting them on trenchwork bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures, extras of which I still have kicking about. Not a great match for a Kill Team board, but fun for old times sake and blends the models with my existing collection of Krieg minis.

Best wishes for a safe and very Happy New Year!!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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