Friday, December 17, 2021

Dahyak Grekh - Black Stone Fortress Explorer - WIP


Blackstone Fortress Dahyak Grekh WIP

Greetings!  I spoiled an image of Dahyak Grekh earlier in the week.  After a couple more evening painting sessions he has advanced some more.  There is just so much going on here.  I just keep picking away at the various details. 

Blackstone Fortress Dahyak Grekh WIP

I'm most pleased by this ridiculous turquoise cape.  Quite a contrast to the relative drab look at Dahyak from the other side.  Since the spoiler was shared, I've been adding details, like the skull on the base as well as refining existing details like the highlighting to leather areas and the rifle.

Blackstone Fortress Dahyak Grekh WIP

 I didn't have a plan going into this model, other than to hew closely to the published studio art for the miniature. That has been both good and bad.  Good, because it's been a fun freeing painting project; one where I can flirt about with the model without constraint.  But bad for all of those same reasons.  It's difficult to determine what's done and what's not...and I've had to repaint or retouch various areas as I realize one thing or another didn't work, or because I couldn't get to some area without messing up another.  I should have followed my usual "inside-out" methodology and really didn't here.

Blackstone Fortress Dahyak Grekh WIP

The spines on the head went in a totally new direction from where I thought I was taking them when I started.  That''s been part of the "freeing" nature of the project.  And the cape lining has come out much more brown than red as things wind down there. Speaking of the cape, it was at this point that I realized the wide armored collar at his neck was actually his bare back showing above the cape...doh.  At least I caught it before completion. :)

Taken in all, though, this is a fun model to paint and I've enjoyed working on it.  I think in the end he'll be a very satisfactory example of a Kroot mercenary and will look quite nice on a future game board. 

I expect he'll be wrapped up next week just prior to the Christmas holidays. 

Stay safe out there.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. I love the colour you have chosen for the skin, very alien looking!

    1. Thanks! That's kind of a funny story. I wanted something blue/green that didn't look Orkish. So I started with Pro-Acryl Bright Pale Green. But that didn't look so good to while showing my Daughter painting techniques I started talking about filters and decided to put some GW Casandora Yellow shade over the pale green...and got Goblin/Orkish green. Hah! :) My Daughter was wowed but the effect though so the training session went well.

      There some spots of Sepia/Agrax in there too. It's impossible to reproduce and I live in terror now of making mistakes that cause me to touch the skin up. But in the end it does work.