Thursday, May 27, 2021

Janus Draik - Blackstone Fortress Explorer - TO DONE


Greetings and salutations. It's time to put Janus Draik in the done pile.  There is just so much going on with this model.  Janus here is the first of my explorers to be completed.  One step closer to a painted game of miniatures.  Of course, I'm just talking about the original boxed set now, not the many more figures that came after in supplements.  But I can dream.

So here's a big ol' stamp of DONE for this small project.  Now it's on to the next. I'm not sure who I'll pick up next from the explorers.  I have UR-025, Dahyak Grekh, and Pious Vorne on the table. Together with Janus Draik, these four were last in the Blackstone Fortress before Covid-19 locked down Precipice.  Feels only right to get them painted up for their next adventure, especially now that the hostiles are done and prospects for gaming in person are looking better and better.

I'll leave with a few photos of Janus Draik from the light box.

Stay safe out there.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!



  1. Congratulations. He's a proper Dandy! My mate Liam [at] painted this character for our collective game. Don't think he's shared his finished pics though.

  2. Great work. What a cool figure.