Monday, May 17, 2021

Janus Draik - Blackstone Fortress Explorer - WIP

Janus Draik Blackstone Fortress WIP Janus Draik Blackstone Fortress WIP

Greetings, and welcome back to 262Krieg.  Not sure what happened, but I apparently just got so carried away that I skipped updates last week.  This is the current project I'm working on.  Not a lot to discuss so far, but this version of Janus Drake, Rogue Trader and explorer from Blackstone Fortress, is starting to take shape.
I'm using Pro Acryl paints from Monument Hobbies for this project.  I've enjoyed good results from these paints on past projects and have been moving towards using them more as a result. 
I hope to have more to show for this project soon.  With spring in full swing, vacations and other family activities will no doubt begin to effect the pace of posting.  Regardless, work goes on and there should be plenty for me to share.
Stay safe out there.
Cheers and Happy Gaming! 

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