Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Dark Angels Indomitus Judiciar - WIP


Moving on from the Indomitus Captain/Master to work on the Indomitus Judiciar this week.  I decided on a head swap and a little extra bling to enhance the Dark Angel's vibe and separate the model a bit from the standard Judiciar model.  

 As you can see, this conversion, like the work on the Master, was a last minute decision. Blends nicely though, and the head swap reads well with the rest of the Judiciar model, in my opinion.  I like the knightly feel to it.  And if you ask me, there's a trifle too much chaos in the look of the original Judiciar head...but then who is a Dark Angel to judge such things? Best to keep you helmet on and just keep walking, I figure.

I wanted to exchange the hour glass for a nice big censor, but I just love the "times up" vibe with this executioner.  So the sands of time stay.  The floppy robes were so confusing to my eye that I picked them out first using my usual recipe for such things (see tabs above).  This let me get a better sense of what was going on with the model.  I just have to put it out there that I NEVER expected to see space marines going with "off-the-shoulder look" like this.  Must be a new generational thing the Primaris are experimenting with. Back in my time, the LION would never had stood for it.

Anyway, with the robes defined I added a Dark Angels green lining and cuffs, then set about some of the many detail son the model. Basically trying to base coat all of the various areas that shouldn't be black.  I haven't settled on how I want the hourglass to look, so it remains conspicuously unpainted save for some imperial eagles.

At some point, I also applied a chapter symbol to the left shoulder pad.  Rather than go with a smaller symbol, I chose to nip the sword tip off a larger one.  As a character, I felt this model needed to make a statement with heraldry and not use something small here. Ah, for all the little choices we make as we go along.

With details painted in, I got to work on some shading and highlights.

Highlights begin to pick out details in the leather work, robes, and purity seals.  Much of the black armor has also been hit.

The sword needs attention.  It has some shading, but no highlights so far. I tried to build up some dark shading in the text on the blade with multiple GW Nuln Oil coats.

Next up, I need to attack the backpack and hourglass which have largely gone ignored so far. And certainly the sword.  He's coming along well, certainly.  I'll be happy to move on to other models soon though.  Been staring at Dark Angels for the whole fall and into winter now. I think I'll paint up hostiles for BlackStone Fortress as a Squaduary 2021 project, which is just around the corner!

Stay safe out there.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!