Friday, January 8, 2021

Dark Angels Indomitus Deathwing Master - WIP


Dark Angels Indomitus Deathwing Master WIP

Greetings!  The work on the Indomitus Captain model continues.  I know that Belial is the current Master of the Deathwing, but he still needs a stunt double.  I decided that it was time to put a little more work into these Indomitus models so they'd read as Dark Angels.  The paint work and transfers go a long way towards that, but you can't beat a few simple conversions that draw the eye.  Siph suggested earlier that I look for feathers, and I think I will at some point, but I have a bits box full of other Dark Angels icons and such (no feathers sadly) so I got right to work.

Dark Angels Indomitus Deathwing Master WIP

Here is where I started from.  As a push fit model, I haven't glued anything yet, so it was easy to pull the model apart and look at its head.  This, in particular, looks like every other space marine helmet out there - at least for an Indomitus captain - so for a Master of the Deathwing, it had to change.

Dark Angels Indomitus Deathwing Master WIPDark Angels Indomitus Deathwing Master WIP

I tried an assortment of heads, and even looked at putting these wings on other helmets.  In the end, adding these Dark Angels helmet wings to the Indomitus Captain helmet captured everything I was looking for. With a little finessing, they fit and accommodate the raised helmet visor just fine. I very much like the style of the Indomitus helmet for a Knight of the Deathwing and I wanted to keep the different look of this Indomitus armor and not bring in a helmet from earlier armor marks that might look out of place.  The wings change it enough to clearly call out a member of the Dark Angels.  Simple!

Dark Angels Indomitus Deathwing Master WIP

With that one change, I could get back to work painting.  There are enough other details that already match a Dark Angels look (the little shrines, prayer beads, etc.) that I didn't feel adding more would help out.  I'll look at adding green stuff feathers at some point - right now I just need these guys finished to a good standard to I can get on with other projects.

Dark Angels Indomitus Deathwing Master WIP

I was feeling all proud and bad-ass about converting this helmet when I ran across a few on the internet to bring me back down to earth.  There really are no new least I put this together BEFORE seeing other examples.

Dark Angels Indomitus Deathwing Master WIP

Back to painting; I had fun with the base.  My buddy's old Necron force used this green shoulder pad motif, so this will be a good natured tie in to our past battles.  I don't know if he maintains that with his new Indomitus Necrons.  I still have to pick out the chest icon on this poor fella.  I liked how the pose has this fallen Necron looking directly up at the Captain standing over him. So I gave him Terminator-like eyes that show he hasn't fully shut down yet...maybe he's about to reanimate? Or perhaps he'll bite him on the leg?? Lots of story here.  Probably should have used green glowing eyes on Necrons, but baleful red just looks meaner and scarier to me.

Dark Angels Indomitus Deathwing Master WIP

I continue to paint power swords using my version of Duncan's technique for Custodes. It reads "something special here" enough to make the power weapons clearly visible on the table.  Nothing really realistic about it; but then we're painting far future space soldiers so what's the worry, right?

Dark Angels Indomitus Deathwing Master WIP

I had fun painting the little tilting shield.  Some freehand checkers with a few transfers from the Indomitus sheet. I needed to get away from green and beige/bone so this element would stand out a bit.  I wanted to nod back to the 1st Legion origins of the chapter too for a Deathwing Master, even if this fella is one of Cawl's vat borne Primaris brutes.

Dark Angels Indomitus Deathwing Master WIP

I ran out of Indomitus Deathwing decals, so I grabbed one from a prior large GW Dark Angels sheet. It's a tad bigger than the Indomitus ones, but he's a Master. Probably should have the badge, right?

There is a surprising amount left to do.  So many little bits and bobs on this guy. That little vial hanging from the arm-scroll behind the shield, for instance.  Lots of little things.  Don't glue this guy before painting him.  It's been great to pop of the arms and backpack to get at all the fine details.  So much easier that just jabbing the brush in to a tight spot and hopping to get it right.

 With luck, I'll get this guy wrapped up next week.  I have the Chaplain and Judiciar left to go and Squaduary 2021 is fast approaching.

Stay safe out there.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. 'vat borne Primaris brute', lol. Great conversion which transforms the model. I hadn't seen it done before so he's OG for me! I'm still doing mine as Lorgar tho, tempting as it is.

    1. Thanks! I look forward to seeing your Lorgar then, when he's out and about for show and tell.